Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shaving 8 months later

Back in June I posted about my new Double Edged Safety razor and 8 months later I'm still using it. As a test a few weeks ago I tried using my Mach 3 and I was amazed at how bad it felt. I got an OK shave from it when I was done but it felt like it was pulling my skin off. I couldn't believe the difference. I'm happy with the shave I get from my DE razor and very happy with the experience. My girlfriend loves it too, she just wishes I would shave more often.

Back in June I pointed out the difference in price and today, 8 months later, I finally ordred some more blades for $20 CDN shipped. I'm getting 25 high quality blades for $20. Try that with your Mach 3 or Fusion, I dare you but I won't bail you out. Now I do agree that the initial cost of supplies is higher but as the leisure guy points out it is not that bad. A good starter set will run about the same cost as a Gillette Fusion and 27 cartridges. That does seem to be a lot of money but this set up will probably last you until you are too old to shave yourself.

He has another good article about how to shave without butchering your face.

I would reccomend anyone who wants to get started with a DE razor check out the two above articles as well as the links in my previous post. They are chalk full of good information and the MSN wetshavers group can answer any question you might have. If reading isn't your thing there is a good series on youtube that will teach you all about wet shaving.

One thing I have learned in 8 months is that I'm still learning. I'm going to try some differnt blades to see if I can get a better shave and I just learned a few pointers about how to improve my technique. This is a process of forever trying to better yourself and get a better shave. If you want to stumble in the bathroom at 6am half asleep and hack the hair off your face, this is not for you. You should stick to your Mach 3.

Whats next? Well I plan on getting more great shaves and eventually I'd love to learn how to use a straight razor but first I have to find someone who can teach me. I think trying to learn that through trial and error might be a bit dangerous.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm back

Ok I know its been a month since I posted last but it's been a busy/borring month. I thought I would share my latest bargin with all of you. I've wanted a set of FRS radios for some time now but I have never been able to justify it... until now that is. I've purchased two Uniden GMR1038-2 for $9.99, they're regular price is 39.99 I believe.

If you go to Uniden Direct's site they have the radios for $9.99. Yes they are referbished but so what. I've had good luck with referbished stuff in the past. Now I would recommend most people purchase the radios with the rechargable batteries and charging base as they are only $24.99 and these radios use 4, yes 4, AAA's each. Ouch. Now luckily I was able to pick up 24AAA Nimh rechargables from eBay for $12. Check out's eBay store. This should give me 3 full sets of batteries for both radios.

Well how do they work?

I just recieved them today but I've tested them from my Mom's house to my uncle's house and they work fine. That is across two streets and the next block down. I would say about 200 meters. I've also tried them with Lindsay in the apartment and me two parking lots away. Probably about the same amount of distance. They have nice clear reception and are easy to use. The real test will be this summer when we go camping in the mountains. I picked them up mainly for car to car communications. I'm going to take the radios to work tomorrow so maybe they'll get more of a workout.

Well thats it for now but I do hope to start blogging more often again.