Thursday, November 23, 2006

Perhaps the tide is turning

My last post was overly negative in reflection of the crap going on lately but it seems to be changing. I took my truck to Kal-tire this morning before work and they fixed my tire for free. I know that if you buy your tires there they will fix flats for free but I don't think they had to do this for free as I didn't purchase the tires there. Plus they gave me a ride to work.

Now if only Top Gear was back on the air everything would be good again.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Too borring to post

Well its been a while since I've posted and I don't want to be labeled as an "absentee blogger" so I thought I'd throw something up here.

Have you ever just had a week that was total shit even when there are good things happening? I've been too busy to post but at the same time I'm not accomplishing anything. Lindsay's car broke down so we've been sharing vehicles and I've been driving her around a bit. I'm stuck driving my truck to work now and it sucks. I want my car back. To top it off one of the truck's tires has a good leak in it and someone is parked in my parking space. Its getting really fucking tiring having people always in my spot. I think I've wrote my last note, from now on I'm going to call to get them ticketed. 975-8344 will be forever burned in my memory. Work has been abnormally annoying. I don't like customers yet I can't get away from them. Everyone is getting awfully needy at work too. Yes you are the 12th person to tell me the printer is broken. Maybe it will magically fix itself when number 13 comes along.

To top it off I wasted $7.50 at the movies on Tuesday. The guys at work wanted to see Borat so I went with them and it was horrible. If it had been a regular price night I probably would have tried to get my money back. Sure there were a couple of funny parts but overall it was just fake and annoying. I expected so much more out of it. Borat was a whole movie of some guy making fun of people for being Jewish and getting away with it because he pretends to be from Kazakhstan. I feel sorry for the people of Kazakhstan.

Now every once in a while in this river of shit a little nugget of corn comes along and something good happens.

Dad and Nigel were in town on the weekend for a football game. His peewee team won the Alberta provincials and the Saskatoon falcons who won provincials here challenged them to a game at Griffiths stadium. It was damn cold but they had a good game. Nigel's team lost 30-28 but that only made them 11-2 on the season. The falcons improved to 11-0. Here are some pictures

I picked up a really nice Coleman 237 Empire from a collector in Esterhazy. I haven't got any pictures of it yet. I haven't fired it up yet either as it had a leaky valve when I got it, I think I've got that fixed now and I'm hoping to fire it this weekend.

That's about it for now. I'll have to try harder to do some more exciting stuff so I'll have a post worth posting. I did like the corn nugget line though :)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Halo movie has a director

Well there is good news and bad news. The bad is that the Halo movie is going to be delayed until atleast 2008. The good they've found a director. Neill Blomkamp. He does short films and commercials. I think they might have found just the right guy. Here are a few examples of his work. Plus he's Canadian. Thats always a good thing.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Here is what it looked like in Saskatoon yesterday at about 4pm

Click to enlarge

We recieved about 13cm of snow or almost 6 inches. Driving sure was fun, I watched countless people get stuck. I don't know why more people don't get a good snow tire. I've got Kumho power grip mud and snow tires and they dig like crazy. I'll get through most things that other people get stuck in. Ah well they'd rather spend the money on a car starter than on their safety.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Good morning to you too

Now before I begin I must post a little disclaimer. I am not a lawyer. If this is somehow going to get me sued I'll take it down immediately but I don't think I'm in the wrong.

1. If you leave a message on someone's voicemail you must know that it is being recorded or what is the point of voicemail then?

2. I would imagine that since it is recorded on your voicemail equipment the message becomes your property.

3. I am posting this unedited and un-molested. I am not going to say anything about the person that said this, I am merely posting it for you to hear. This is not slander or libel.

Again if these assumptions are wrong please let me know. This is a message that I recorded this morning off of my voice mail. It awaited me when I got in.

This customer purchased a solar light and was un happy with it because it wouldn't work for him. I tried to help him over the phone but I could not solve it. I offered him a refund or replacement of the non-working light. he chose a replacement and I sent it to him with the message that if he is still not happy I would refund his money. The light is very similar to this one I found online. After working with him to resolve his problem this is how he chose to respond.

Putfile Link **NSFW** This message isn't G rated.

I'm sorry but putfile doesn't seem to offer an embeded audio player, just click on the link.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh. My. God.

I knew it seemed cold today, but I thought that was because it was becoming winter, I have now discovered the truth. Hell has frozen over. Yes you read that right, I know its hard to accept but Bob Barker is leaving The Price is Right. He's been hosting it for over 3 decades, that's longer than I've been alive. Here is the story I read.

I'll admit I haven't watched the show in a while, but I love it. They never play Plinko enough though, for such a simple game I don't know why everyone loves it. So the axe falls in June and you will no longer her the familiar "Come on Down!" or "Its a new car!".

I just hope and pray that they don't replace him with someone who sucks. Bob Barker is the Price is Right but the show is too popular to let it end with his leaving. It should be interesting to see who they replace him with. I have no idea who would make a good replacement, what do you think?