Thursday, August 30, 2007

Well I got the table

Well I finally got my table last night. I found out why I couldn't get it the night before, they were being saved for a "sale". I put sale in quotes there because it is a scam. If you look in your current Canadian Tire flyer it will list the 8 foot folding table as a special buy at $64.99. Guess what I paid... $64.99. It's been that price on the website for two weeks. Special buy my ass.

Just another reason not to shop there anymore. Oh and I haven't had a response to my email yet. I don't expect one.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Kingdom for a Table

Has anyone else noticed that Canadian Tire is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine?

I've been trying to buy a 8 foot folding table for two weeks now and I still don't have one. Here is the email I sent to

"I have to say my experience at the SASKATOON WEST, SK 301 CONFEDERATION DRIVE in the last couple weeks has been poor. I could sum up the customer service as atrocious. I have been trying to buy an 8 foot folding table Product #99-3599-4 for two weeks. I check the website before I go to the store and it always says it is in stock. Last week after having to convince an employee that you actually sell that table I was told they were out but more were coming in yesterday. I went to the store tonight to be told that they were “on hold” until tomorrow when they would be placed in the center aisle. I thought that a store was in the business of selling stuff but I guess only on certain days now. I was too tired to complain because I had to wait at least 20 minutes. I had to wait for the first aisle person to find someone else because he didn’t know how to look it up in the computer and then they had to go look in the basement to see if they could find the table. Interestingly enough while I was waiting another person was waiting at the electrical desk and had to push the button 11 times before someone would come help him. I know it was 11 because I counted while I was waiting. Perhaps I should have tried to find a manager but I thought they would be just as apathetic as the staff and wouldn’t be much more help anyways.

I can’t understand why it is so difficult to purchase a simple table. I am going to go back tomorrow to try to purchase this table again. If I am unable to I will no longer shop at Canadian Tire. The customer service has been going down hill for quite some time now and I might as well shop at Wal-Mart."

Perhaps I am expecting too much from a bunch of 16 year olds that couldn't find their ass with a map and a flashlight. At least when I worked at London Drugs I knew what the hell I was doing.

Keep any eye on the papers for a story about a severe beating at the Confed Craptire. If you could pitch a bit in for bail that would be great too.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Electronics deals

Wow I've been working the deals lately. I mentioned that Lindsay got me a XM satellite radio for my b'day but I didn't mention the deal we got on it. The radio was at London Drugs regular $99 on for $69 so she bought it for me. I looked online and XM had a $20 mail in rebate for it. Last night I'm in LD and they've dropped the price of the Xpress to $29.99 so we brought the bill back in and got it price matched. Effectively Lindsay will have paid $9.99 for the radio. That's pretty good.

The second deal is at Office Depot. I've been looking at Belkin's boom box for the XM Xpress radio but its $100. I didn't want to spend this much so I noticed that Office depot has a sale on the Teac R1 radio. Normally $99 on sale for $39. It has a built in rechargeable battery, can run on 12v DC and has an AUX port that I could plug a satellite radio into. All I need to do is get a home or car kit for the radio and I should be set. :)

The Scottish is strong in this one.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Where did the summer go?

Holy sh*t its been busy! I last posted on June 18th and it's been non-stop since then. Lets see, where to start....

Well things are going much better with the new land lord. He's been doing a lot of work around here to improve the place. We've got patio doors now and a deck to put the BBQ on. The tenants below have left and he's put a new side door on that is all full of fuck for now. We've got a new floor in the bathroom as well as a new tub surround and a new toilet. I think that's about all he has planned for us until he's done fixing everything in the basement. Now begins the count-down to the rent increase. Man I'm negative eh?

Our little camping trip to Radium Hotsprings went off quite well. The only hitch was the hotel had no record of the reservations when the family got there. I thought my mom was going to actually kill the guy. Seriously. Anyways after a whole lot of bitching at him he found us some rooms next door at the next hotel. I was feeling quite invincible as we had reserved a camping site at Red Streak and I wasn't worried about having a place to stay. I was just worried about having to share the campsite with the whole family. ;)

Here is a picture to wet your appetite and the rest are on my putfile account.
Click to enlarge
The rest of the photo album

As you can see from the picture I had a lantern with me, a big one, I took a Coleman 236 from 1942 that puts out 500 candle power. I was lighting up the 3 adjacent campsites aswell! I also had a Coleman stove with me. You can see it in the photo album. It is a model 500 Speedmaster from 1938 that George gave me for free.

We took it easy and spent every day in the pool as well as going on a couple little road trips to other areas. One of my favorite parts of the trip was the rental car. We rented a 2007 Dodge Charger with the 3.5HO V6 and the 5 speed auto. Mmmm... 230 hp. I was absolutely surprised with the amount of power the V6 had in this large car. I had no problem passing and abusing the posted speed limit on many occasions. Even with me bag driving it we still averaged 31 mpg for the trip. I would imagine our mileage would have been a lot better if we didn't drive up and down the mountain from the campsite to the town a few times everyday.

After that trip we got to stay at home for a little while and then it was off to Delaronde lake to visit Lindsay's Mom and step dad Tim. We had a great time and I got to get some fishing in with Tim. He knows quite a bit about fishing so I'm hoping to learn some stuff from him as I love to eat fish. We had a great fish fry over the open fire on the first night. Mmmm.... is all I can say.

The next weekend we were in Emma lake with Lindsay's Dad and step mom Gloria. Well we were there with a shit load more of her family than that. It was basically a family reunion to mark the family being in Canada for 40 years. There was about 30 Edgars and various offspring running around causing shit. It was a great time. The only downside to the weekend was it rained everynight so the inside of the tent was a bit damp. Everyone was impressed with my sand dyke that I built infront of the tent to keep the water away. I do believe we were the only tent to have no water issues. We had a blast and spent some time relaxing as well as some time on the beach and on the boat. Melissa's got a great picture of me in the water drinking a beer and eating a sandwich that I'll post when I get it.

In between the two trips Lindsay got me an early birthday present. She got me a XM radio. An Audiovox Xpress to be exact. It rocks. I can't believe how great it was to have on the road. The next thing I want is a boombox that it fits into so I can listen to satellite radio everywhere. I've got a bid on a cheap one on Ebay as well as a cheap home kit. If I don't get the one on Ebay I'll put it on my b'day list as I can't affort too much right now.

On the Friday before the long weekend when I got home form work the city of Saskatoon had a present waiting for me in the mail box. They sent me a red light camera ticket! I should scan it and put it on here as I must have been on crack that day. It is verrrry obvious that I ran the light, it wasn't even close. Damn left turn impatience. Well I figure that 5 years of going through there atleast 2 times per day it was bound to happen eventually. So I'm $220 lighter now. Ouch.

Well its been a long post and I think I've covered everything. I've been addicted to crackbook(facebook for the noobs) lately so come check me out on there.