Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why are so many people stupid?

Durring my regular surfing I came accross this site and I almost pissed myself laughing.

"No parent, not a single one, in this country would spend money designated for child care, and given to them for that reason, on beer or popcorn. It is disgraceful to suggest otherwise."

So you're telling me that everyone who has figured out how to have sex is going to be a responsible parent? I have to call bullshit on that one. Have you looked around lately? Who is doing all the vandalism then? I'm sure there aren't gangs of 38 year old business men running around with spray paint tagging fences. And there aren't any parents stumbling out of the Barry after last call. No parent would spend their child care money on hairspray to get loaded. Well they'd steal the hairspray but you see where I'm going with this.

All these people need to pull their heads out of their asses, no matter how far up there it is, and realize that there are some people that don't care about their own kids.

I know its hard to take it when a politician speaks the truth but it does happen once a generation.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Its an Ubuntu Christmas

I mentioned Ubuntu Linux before and I finally got the free CD's. So I got 10 regular, 3 AMD64 and 2 PPC CD's. I was so excited to get the Mac version so I could try dual booting my iBook until I found out that there is no drivers for the airport extreme because it is made by Broadcom. Broadcom won't release the info that the open source community needs. Selfish bastards. What are they going to do with the info other than make drivers? So as it sits I have no point to putting it on my laptop. I am having fun with it on my work laptop though. I was running kismet and ethereal at work to keep an eye on everyone.

I'm thinking of dual booting my Athlon64 machine at home since its actually a 64bit OS. We'll see. I might wait on that one until I move out.

So anyways if someone wants a copy let me know. Its by far the easiest distro I've ever used. Its based on debian and the software is installed through packages so its pretty easy "sudo apt-get install package name" There is also a graphical way to install software but the command line is straight to the point and powerful. Unfortunately it doesn't keep files in the usual locations compared to other distros but on the other hand there is a good guide to help you out.

Check it out, you don't always have to use Windows.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas is almost here...

and its about damn time. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I hate the time from Halloween until Christmas. You know the time, you're barely done smashing jack-o-lanters and the Christmas decorations are already going up in stores. They just can't wait to suck you dry and make sure you are jolly about it. The commercialization of christmas is getting so bad even Santa can't stand it.

This time of year you are trying to go over a list of who you've bought presents for and who might buy you some. A sad ranked list where you are trying to figure out how much that person is "worth". How much should you spend on them without looking like a cheap ass or making their gift to you look like crap. You also never want to be caught without a present for someone who bought you one. Now there is always this method but we never think of actually trying it.

Of everything about christmas I think I hate the music most. Well I shouldn't really say that. I like the music but after 2 months of it I'm ready to go on a shotgun rampage. I'm actually amazed that I survived 3 years working in retail. Having to listen to that much Christmas music really ruined it for me. Now the only time that I enjoy it is when its on my grandparents turntable on Christmas morning. Its not an isolated incident either. If you work in retail watch your fellow employee's, you can actually see the music suck the life out of them. The season starts with everyone singing along but it soon turns into people cringing everytime their most hated song comes on. It also seems that everyone has a different one that tries to send them over the edge.

Atleast picking out presents for people is easy. Yeah right. Quantum physics is easy, this stuff is hard. It really goes to show how much you know about your friends and how much they know about you. Everyone whose tried to fake joy at opening a present can relate to this one.

Too many people think a present has to be cool. Why not buy people stuff they really need? This morning the radio was talking about what not to buy your wife. Things like vacuums and apliances were on that list. Why can't you buy those? So what if they aren't cool or romantic. Its something that is needed and will be used. I don't care if I get underwear for Christmas, its something that I always need. Some people get it though. I bought Lindsay's mom a turkey lifter for Christmas. Its not a cool gift and it was cheap, but it was something that was on her list for the past 6 years. Of course she could have just been feigning excitment about it.

I guess I haven't painted a rosey picture of Christmas here but that doesn't mean that its a bad holiday. It is just too comercialized now. People think that they have to spend money to make people like them or to avoid dissapointing them. Just have fun and buy stuff that people want/ask for/need. Don't worry about what it costs its the thought that counts.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Beer and popcorn

Why don't people ever tell the truth? It seems like everytime that a politician is truthful the general population jumps down their throat. The Liberals are in hot water because one of the PM's aids said that parents would use the money that the conservatives are promising them for their kids on other stuff. He said that they would use the money for "beer and popcorn". Now everyone is angry and whining about the Liberals. Now I'm not one to defend the Liberals, in fact I don't like them, but come on people pull your head out of your ass and realize that there are lots of parents out there that do use government money on booze. Take a look around in some of the poorer area's and realize that the people stumbling out of the Barry probably didn't work to get the money to get wasted. Ask the 15 year-olds that robbed that 82 year-old lady how often their parents were out spending the baby-check on booze. Maybe if they didn't their kids wouldn't be robbing old women. Take Jim Pankiw for an example of what happens when you do speak the truth. He got into a lot of shit over his indian crime pamphlet. He wasn't lying when he wrote that. They were all real stats from stats Canada but yet everyone was mad that he was a "racist". He didn't massage the numbers to make the indians look bad, they just commit a lot of crimes. I realize that they do that because they are poor and people are racist but they've at some point got to realize that they write their own fate. Another story in the news is the people trying to draw attention to all the missing female natives. They say that the police and the government doesn't care about them because they are native. Where where YOU when they were working the streets, selling their bodies, doing drugs and committing crimes to support the drug habit? All these mothers and aunts are quick to blame the government when their daughters aren't found but I don't think they even realize that they could have done something to prevent this. Maybe some people are beyond help but take some responsibility for your own damn lives. You are adults and you need to take care of your children. These things didn't all just happen by themselves. Apathy is not a way of life and everyone should do their part to make sure that these things don't happen.

I see stupid people

Friday, December 09, 2005

"... is restrained by no rule human or divine."

I'm sure most of you have heard of the Liberals wanting to ban all handguns in Canada. If you haven't, please open your eyes', pull your fingers out of your ears and step out of your parents dark basement. Anyhoo Paul Martin and the rest of the "Liberals" are losing the war in Toronto on gun violence and are sure that the way to remidy it is to ban all handguns. Now I'm sure that all these crimes are being committed by people with legally registered handguns so this plan makes perfect sense. Its much easier than changing the law so that there are tougher penalties for having an illegal gun or taking some other steps to stop illegal handguns from entering the country. All these people went through the time and expense to register their handguns with the government so they would be really easy to find to take their guns away. But surely the government can't just take them away... or can they. This article points out that "'Thou shalt not steal,' has no legal force upon the sovereign body." and the government is restrained by no rule human or divine when it comes to taking away your property. We can thank the Mulroney government for that one. It can be pretty much summed up by the old guy working at Wholesale Outfitters.

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Canada.

I'd hate to be the guy that has to take everyone's guns away from them.

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away

It finally snowed! Then it melted. Bastards. Well atleast I got a chance to play in it with my truck. I picked it up durring the summer for $1500. Here are a couple pictures

(Thats not me in the picture)

I've been waiting for a day like that so that I could have some fun. I haven't owned a rear-wheel drive vehicle for a couple years so I did lots of doughnuts last night. The Lawson Heights mall parking lot looked like a giant Olympic's symbol and I was drifting all over the place around here. Ah I miss that, the e-brake on a FWD car just doesn't have the same appeal. I think I burned about an eighth of a tank of gas. So that should be about $10 at current prices. Too bad I didn't have some video of it. Maybe next time.

So today it hit 5C and it all melted. My car is so dirty you can't tell what colour it is, and its black! I hate the sloppy shit, I wish it would just stay frozen until spring. Course if I had my way we'd have snow all the time.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I wish Rogers would use some lube

Yep I'm getting screwed by Rogers over my cell phone again. Now they say that I changed plans in March, which I didn't, and now they've taken away my $5 credit each month. Its something I've had since the beginning and now I don't get it anymore. Apearently their accounting department noticed the mistake and "fixed" it. Did they let me know that it would now cost me $5 more per month? Nope they just stuck it to me. It seems like the try to screw me at every turn. I got a new phone a while ago, possibly in March, and since then its been one ass f*cking after another. The couldn't put my old phone on my plan for my mom because they are retards. So it took a week and some freaking out at the little girl at the Rogers store. So that was settled.... until I got my first bill. Whats this they are charging me for daytime and evening minutes, hmm.... thats odd I pay for 150 ANYTIME minutes a month. Shouldn't that cover any minutes anytime? So I bitch at them, yep its fixed there will be a credit on my next bill. Yay its all done they rock! Uh... wait there's my credit but there is also a charge for the same exact damn problem. So another round of bitching and its fixed again. Well this went on for 3 months until someone at Rogers reached way up, found their head, and yanked it violently out of their ass.

So needless to say I'm tired of it. I won't be renewing my contract and I am going to investigate how to get out of it early. I was thinking about getting a phone through Sasktel, but I've heard they are no better. Its like politicians, do you stick with the devil you know or try out the other one. You can't win, they're all out to f*ck you.

Whats that in the distance? Its light spilling down through the clouds from heaven... and whats in the spot light? Is it our saviour? No its just Virgin Mobile. I've been doing some reading and it looks like their pay as you go might be the way to go. You get all the features you want and your money doesn't expire for 120 days. I'm going to have to look into this further. I really don't want to have to go in a contract again. I'm considering just getting rid of my cell phone entirely. I'll go back to smoke signals or just ignoring everyone again. I will survive.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The season of Christmas parties is upon us

Wow so my Christmas part and Lindsay's were in the same weekend. All I can say is I am glad that is over. I'll start with mine.

My Christmas party was at the Off Broadway dinner theater and was really good. The food was great and the play was actually quite good. The play that we saw was a take on the traditional christmas story with Joseph and Mary and all that jazz. At this point I was worried, I'm not very religious... Well thats a bit of an understatement. Anyways I was worried that I was going to be subjected to all kinds of religious references and many other annoying things but to my surprise that was not the case. They even mentioned evolution in the play, which we all know isn't exactly in line with the bible. The play was funny and had some extra characters that included a talking tree. Well the tree admitted that she has had trouble saying no to anything since she was 15 so you get the idea that the tree gets around, if thats possible. After a bit of the tree going on like this one of my drunk co-workers in the back ground whispered quite loudly "Hey, the tree's a slut". Good work we hadn't figured that out yet but it was pretty damn funny to hear. It wasn't a late night for us as Lindsay had to work the next morning.

Ah yes the next day. A day that would test my sanity. Since she drove to my party I agreed to drive to her party. Too bad I forgot that her boss lives 5 km out of town at the end of some rough gravel roads. Oh well fair is fair. I would soon learn that I could have really used some booze. First the good points. The food was spectacular, it probably made my top 10 list of meals that I have eaten. Her house was amazing and it was a really nice party. My problem was that it wasn't my crowd. First I don't know anyone so being sober isn't working to my advantage and being surounded by yuppies didn't help. I did have a good time though. The girls that Lindsay works with were pretty entertaining and fun but there were some downsides. I think her boss hit on me, which was uncomfortable. Lindsay wasn't interested when I told her I could have got her a promotion but at the same time it would have taken 6-12 beers before I could do that. The other part was the loud woman. One of them doesn't have an inside voice. She talks loud and laughs even louder. I wish I had a way to quantify it but you'll have to take my word for it. You could hear her from any point in the house and the drunker she got the louder and more obnoxious she was. Atleast I'm in a big house with lots of space to save my hearing but oh no... What's this? I've been volinteered to give her a ride back to town. So now its very loud inside of my jetta, which isn't that large of a car, and then she's back seat driving. If I hadn't have been sober I would have given her a piece of my mind and the ditch. I made it through although my tounge was bleeding and my ears were ringing I had made it!

Then my life flashed before my eyes. It was unbelievably slippery on the roads last night. I didn't expect it to be that bad. I know we had had some snow but it was crazy out there. I figured that circle drive would be pretty good from all the traffic but I was wrong. I trust my winter driving skills quite a bit, I usually have fun doing powerslides and shit-hooks out there but this was scary. I'm not afraid of understeer or oversteer but we went into a four-wheel drift. Yeah no traciton on any tire so my brain went "Oh shit, we're fucked" and my heart started pounding, then the car gripped up again. WOOOHOOO we're not going to die! I drove a bit slower after that one.

Have a good night and drive safe.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Required reading

I'm glad I came across Armaedes' blog one day because he is a genius. This post was brilliant. I especially like point number 3. Pretty much exactly the way I feel about the phone.

And then there was one

So it seems like everyone runs away from Saskatoon in search of greener pastures. Well that is except for me. Mark is moving to Kindersley(SP?) for a new job. He joins the list of Chris S, Kevin and Mark K that have left to find better jobs. Atlest he is only 2.5 hours away instead of being in Calgary or Montreal. I'm not really sure what to do now, I guess I'll have to start finding new friends, something that I have always excelled at *sarcasm*.

On a lighter note I did find something interesting while surfing. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Best. Post. Ever.

I was reading today and came across this

Movie Rant

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Transporter 2

What a piece of crap.

I was considering leaving this post at that. The only good part of the movie was the cars. His main car was an Audi A8 with a W12. MMmmmm...... 12 cylinders in a V8 sized package. He also drove a Lamborghini gallardo spyder through traffic on high-speed pursuit of a helecopter. My money was on the Lambo.

And thats where the good stuff ended. The whole movie felt so fake. Not stretching the truth fake but OMG do they think we are drooling idots fake. No matter what he did the Audi did not get damaged. A trip through a cinderblock retaining wall complete with a flight across a street into another building without a scratch. He survived a Lear jet nose diving into the ocean. Uh...? Wah? I thought jets were made of aluminum not reinforced steel or titanium. They shouldn't have found a part of that plane bigger than a Chihuahua's head. Oh I forgot one good part. There was a scarry hot blonde chick with big guns. I don't mean boobs (which were dissapointingly small) but automatic pistols with silencers. Ah the next saddest part of the movie. She shoots down a police helecopter with a few shots from her pistols.

I could go on for pages with problems with the movie but I grow tired of this memory. My advice save your money and wait until it is on TBS next year.


An update on the merging problem in this city. It continues. I was turning onto circle from Clancy drive and the woman infront of me couldn't manage the left turn properly and then didn't try to merge until the very end of the merge lane. By this point I had already merged and was trying to give her space when she slammed on the brakes and waited for an opening. People you should start planning your merge at the very START of the merge lane. That would be the begining of the merge lane. You know when you start speeding up be looking for a gap in traffic. Another helpful tip is to be up to traffic speed when you are still on the merge lane. This way you can slide into a gap in traffic instead of being a retard and cutting people off when you are going 60 and they are going 100 or faster. People please try harder.

First merge lanes and now red lights

Wow I think the driving around here is actually getting worse. Last night I watched a Sasktel van blow through the stop sign at Avenue P and 29th street. Mark found the first pay phone and bitched to Sasktel. Nothing will happen to the person but he got to bitch at a supervisor for a while.

It gets better. We are on the 33rd street exit on circle drive and are trying to figure out why this car is sitting in the middle of the intersection on a green light and a hog semi blasts through the intersection. Thats a little odd, well maybe his light just turned red but wait our light just went amber. That means his light was red for quite a while when he ran through it. The guy infront of us was pretty close to getting a new car or getting killed.

If it is this bad when its just cold out I can't wait for the snow. It will be anarchy out there.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A merge lane means speed up!

What the hell is wrong with this city? Are other citys this crappy at driving? Three mornings in a row I've had to slam on my brakes as I'm merging onto circle drive becuase people think there is a yeild sign at the end of the lane. The idea is you get up to the same speed as traffic and just "merge" into the moving traffic. That would be way too easy for many people around here. Their merge goes...

1. Slowly speed up, not quite to the speed of traffic but faster than a walk.
2. Reach end of merge lane and panic
3. Step on brakes to wait for an opening
4. Cause multi-vehicle pile up because you aren't supposed to stop on a merge lane dumbass!

Well thats my rant for today. I see I haven't updated this in about a week but this is all you get.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ozzie cont.

Well life with Ozzie seems to be going quite well. She is very well behaved but she has a few issues. We are trying to get her not to go on the furniture with limited success. She is also a huge spounge. She must have been deprived of attention at her previous home becuase she seems to have trouble living without being attatched to someone or getting petted or playing fetch. I know that her breed is very energetic and stuff, but this dog will play fetch until she is dead. Especially indoors with her little squeek toy, she will play for as long as you can stand to. I've played 30 minutes straight and she was still going. I had to give up. But overall its going great.

My Christmas shopping is coming along quite well. I've got my mom, my grandpa, my uncle and my friend Kerri all done. I've got half of Lindsay's presents and I have the money for the last one now. I'm pretty sure I know what I"m going to get Melissa and I've got to figure out Mark, James and something for Nigel. My only problem, lol, is money. I've gotta try to budget all this stuff. Damnit I need more money. I should go be a welder or something. Atleast it is going to warm up a bit. I wasn't ready for -20 and colder yet.

Yep I should get some sleep. Have a good one.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Well we've got a new addition to the household. Here are some pictures of Ozzie

Ozzie is a 5 year old Australian Cattle Dog and Australian Shepherd mix. She seems to be adapting to life here very well.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We're getting a dog

I just got back from meeting ozzie who is a 5 year old fixed female Australian Cattle Dog. Hmmm... perhaps its Aussie and not Ozzie. O well. We are going to go pick her up on Friday morning. I was very impressed by this dog when I met her. She barked twice and that was it, she is very well tempered. She warmed up to us in 5 or 10 minutes and I was able to pet her belly and ever grab her paws without the dog getting mad. I think thats a very good sign of a dog's attitude. We spent probably close to an hour at their house getting to know the dog and I'm pretty excited about having a dog again. Infact everyone seems excited, my mom is and even my grandparents are. My uncles girlfriend, Kim, is also excited. She is quite the dog person. She has 2 German Sheperd mixes that she does agility with. Needless to say she is quite the dog person. Oh another good thing that happened is we will be able to get a dog house for free. One of the people that my mom works with just moved into a house that came with a doghouse so we will be able to get it for free. She just wants someone to take it away. Free dog and a free dog house. Ah I feel more Scottish. So thats the update, hopefully I'll have some pictures by the weekend.


Monday, November 07, 2005

Glad I had an extinguisher

I got the generator for my 118 desklamp and I fired it up. I don't know if it is too cold out but I had raw gas running out the air tube. Nothing bad happened, but I'm glad I had an extinguisher on hand just in case. It burns pretty bright but with it being below zero C out I can't tell whether it was running bad becuase of that or if there is something wrong with it. It pulsed a fair amount. In the end I'm proud of it for running as well as it did at 75 years old.

In other good news I'm so glad to have my car back. I like my truck but its the difference between driving an elephant and a quarter horse. I hadn't realized how much I perfer a manual transmission over an automatic until I had to drive an auto again for 2 weeks. I felt like I was removed from half of the control of driving. It seemed like I was never in the right gear and that I wasn't in control. I know that sounds weird but I think that everyone should learn to drive a manual transmission car. It is amazing how much more involved in driving you are. Although I guess its not for everyone. There are people who like to drive (me) and people who just have to drive to get around (the woman driving slowly in the left lane who brakes waaaay to far in advance). Oooo speaking of crazy women who shouldn't drive... I'm taping Canada's Worst Drivers tonight and get to watch it tomorrow morning. I hate that show, but I love it at the same time. Its like watching a show about horrible injuries, its too gross to watch but you can't stop watching becuase it looks cool.


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Beggers can't be choosers

7:30 is way to early to be up on a Saturday morning. It was the time that my uncle was available to take my car down to the shop. It was nice being able to work on a hoist though. We got a lot accomplished this morning. We did an oil change, new rotors and pads, and put the winter tires on. I should be all ready for winter now. I can't believe how relieved I am to finally get this done, I've had the brakes in my trunk for a year now. I am expecting it not to snow now for a month because I finally put my winter tires on.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


WTF is that, right? Its a new disto of Linux I've been trying out. I was at cbit and they had free CD's out so I gave one a shot. Its the best version of Linux I've ever tried. I put it on my laptop at work and it seems to be going pretty good. The one problem I've been having is it doesn't like the wireless card I have. It works very intermittently. If I reset the card or the WAP it will work for a while. I know my WAP is flaky, but it was never this bad under windows. Unfortunatley I dont' have a second card to try. I actually do have a second card but it is a broadcom chipset and appearently there is no linux drivers. I don't seem to have any problems when I use a hardwired connection.

Ubuntu also gives out free CDs so I ordered some. If they actually come through I'll have 10 PC, 3 64bit and 2 Power PC CD's coming to me. I wonder if it will be different on my ibook. So hopefully I'll get those and I can hand some out.

Linux is finally getting close to being a desktop for the average person. I thought this was really easy to setup and its pretty easy to install software. I guess it would still be out of range for most people though. I would say that most people just want it to work and they don't want to have to set anything up. Especially if they have to use a command prompt.

Car update

Well I finally got around to taking my car apart on sunday and discovered that there are some dumb people out there. When I took the part off I noticed that the o-ring wasn't quite right... it was way too big. The proper one could fit nicely inside the one that was used. No wonder it leaked. After getting the part cleaned up I noticed that the flange was cracked, so I had to get a new one. I was dreading that but it turned out to only be $15 for the part.

So yesterday after work I put the new part on with the new o-ring and a new o-ring for the sensor that is in the housing. I also picked up some gasket maker that is specifically for thermostat housings because the block is quite pitted under where the o-ring has to go. I'm going to put anti-freeze in it tonight and hopefully all is well.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

They still make generators??

Yep I was able to get a brand new generator for a 1930's coleman desk lamp. Weird eh? I also found out that a shade is about $50USD. Thats too bad but atleast I should be able to get it working. I think it will be pretty cool to get that lamp running. I'm still struggling with my model 200 lantern, it refuses to burn well. I shouldn't say it isn't burning well... it just isn't burning as good as I think it could. I'm going to take it apart and see if there is anything in the air tube and I'm also going to try a smaller mantle and see how that goes.

We had a work sponsored pool night tonight. That went pretty well, I'm surprised how many people showed up because there was only 2 days of notice. I managed to lose a bunch of games for $2 a game but we did win one of them so I made some money back. I couldn't play to save my life for most of the night. I think I need more practice. The odd thing was that by the end of the night I was doing pretty well. I don't get it.

Jordan from work is throwing a little halloween party. I don't think I'm going to dress up but the beer is outside cooling as we speak. I should be fun and its good to get to know people outside of work. Its been good working at massload, too bad the benefits aren't great, but hey, atleast its not retail!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Desklamp update

I've already got the desklamp torn down. I've verified that it holds pressure because I managed to get gas just about everywhere. I pumped it up to see if it would make any noise and it did a little. I turned the generator cleaning lever and it made a bit more noise. I figured the tip is clogged. Lets take a look at it, so I loosen the bolt that holds it. Gas leaks everywhere.... damnit forgot to bleed the pressure off. I got that under control but I was starting to sumble around a bit. It looks like it may have lead a hard life. Both burner tubes are somewhat oval shaped because someone used a pair of pliers to losen them at one point. Well I guess it could be worse for being 75 years old. Now I've gotta clean it up, but it should be running in a few days to a week.


Well I thought I would show some pictures for my lanterns. I've also picked up the Coleman desklamp from my grandfathter. I am going to seek some help in identifying it.

These are of my Coleman 335 from the early 70's. I got it from my grandpa and he had only used it once. It is in almost perfect shape and I still have the box for it. The only things wrong with it are the glass is marked becuase he ran it with a hole in the mantle and there is some paint missing around the bottom edge that it sits on. It is what got me started on this.

This is the Coleman 200 that I got from my friends dad. It is dated 4/53 so it is 52 years old. It is in rough shape even after I have cleaned it up. I forgot to clean the dial on the valve wheel and the band in the middle but I can always do that later. The ventilator is pretty badly chipped but what do you expect for a lantern that was used every day for more than 20 years.

This is the unkown Coleman desk lamp. I think it is a model 118 from the late 20's early 30's. That will be my next project as soon as I can figure out what it is.

In the back ground you can see my 518B catalytic heater that I got for $5 and my 421C stove is not shown. Thats my whole colection so far.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lantern valve!

I finally got my valve for the lantern I've been working on. So I got it put together in about 10 mins and it works. I'm a little concerned that it isn't running quite right, it is a little dim. I don't know what it should look like but it seems to be burning a little bit yellow and maybe a little bit rich. I don't know if that can be adjusted but I'll have to do some reading around. I plan to put some pictures of this stuff up soon but for now you just get a little update.

Stay tuned, I'll put some pictures of my 200 lantern, 335 lantern and my new heater. They aren't much to look at but I enjoy them. Soon I will work on a 1930 coleman desklamp. That should be interesting.

Review: Into the Blue

Another movie review, I don't know if anyone reads these but I figure I see enough movies I might as well let you all know how they are. So tonight for cheap tuesday we saw Into The Blue and it wasn't as bad as I expected. I went into it just for the T&A. Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott in a movie on a tropical island. I think that says enough, the most they had on was a bikini and a T-shirt. It was great. There was even more ass shots than I expected. Jessica Alba was either swimming towards or away from the camera all movie..... *drool*. Unfortunatley Ashely Scott was a blonde bitch in the movie. She's hot, but not as good as she could be. If you want your fix watch Birds of Prey on space channel and you will see what I mean.

So anyways there was actually a movie here too. I was a little surprised that the movie didn't suck. There was good action and suspense. There was quite a few plot twists and some good stunts with a little humor strung in. Well thats about it, I know thats a short review but basically go see it if you are bored or its a tuesday. I would rate it a rent. If you want more info look for a trailer or a synopsis. Now go forth and find boobies!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Car Repairs

Well I finally figured out where the anti-freeze was going. My car has had a slow mysterious leak for almost a year. I could never find where it was coming from and I was a little worried it was going through the engine. A little bit being burned inside the engine isn't a big deal, but if anti-freeze gets into the oil then you have problems. You can start to throw bearings and rings. Not to mention the fix is usually replacing the head gasket. Thats not easy or cheap in itself.

Anyways the leak seems to be coming out between the block and this sensor housing on one of the heater lines. I went to VW today and got a new O-ring for it. Hopefully that will fix it because it looks to be an easy change and it only cost me $0.80. If it is the housing that is cracked, who knows how much that is worth.

For the time being it looks like I am driving the truck around. I wonder how long I can afford to do that :). I don't know when I'm going to fix the car because I have to work outside and its getting cold out. I have to do an oil change soon so I might wait until then. Luckily I can do the oil change down at Hub Automatic where my uncle works. So thats warm and on a lift. If I don't have too large of a wait I will just wait until then and do it in the warm.

Until next time.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Did the whole city go retarded today?

Man its hard to believe the uproar one Star Pheonix story can create. Today on the front page of the paper was a poorly worded story about movie companies planning to stop releasing new movies on VHS. Now everyone thinks that they are going to stop making blank VHS tapes. Too bad the story isn't freely available on the Star Pheonix's website but anyone in Saskatoon can go read the paper to see what I mean. One of the first sentances says that companies are going to stop manufacturing VHS tapes. It goes on to talk about the movie companies stopping manufacturing VHS and stopping releasing new movies on VHS. Now they don't really manufacture the tapes do they? So now everyone and their dog that didn't read the whole article thinks that they'll have to stock up on VHS tapes or buy a DVD recorder. Ok now stop and think about this. Really. How long could you still buy Betamax tapes? You can actually still find them. Or audio cassettes? They are plentiful even in a world where almost everyone has a CD-RW drive and really try to think about how many people you know that still use tapes. I can't think of anyone. Even my uncle who refuses to accept new technology has moved to CD's. Oh wait my grandpa, who is 77, still uses tapes for in his truck. Thats a stretch because he will never ever have a DVD player. Back on topic, are they going to stop making blank VHS? Yes. 20 years from now. How many of you own DVD players? Ok and they are only now starting to plan to not put movies out on VHS. Now how many of you have DVD recorders sitting under your TV? Hmmm... not too many hands went up on that one. I wonder how much of a fight they would have if they decided not to make blank VHS tapes anymore.

What is the lesson that we learned today? Don't believe everything that you read or hear on C95 The guy that you respect as a god, you must because you believe everything that he says, is just a normal human that can mis-read crappily written articles. You know what, don't even believe this. I could be wrong. I know its hard to hear but I could actually be wrong. But, and its a big but, I would put more money on me being right than to think that the VHS tape will dissapear from the earth next year. Just think of how many old things you can still buy. I can go out and buy a LP (thats a record or a big black looking CD thingy to all you young people), a betamax tape and a card for an ISA slot for a computer. They don't even put ISA slots on new motherboards but I can still buy cards. That tech is also atleast 30 years old. When was the last time someone talked about their betamax player? I haven't actually seen one in 10 years and you can still get the tapes.

OK people? Did you read all that? Do you understand that the little guy talkin in the radio is actually a human being? Have you ever heard the saying "Garbage in, garbage out."? It means that if someone says "guess what I heard on the radio" go and find out for yourself. And for heavens sake stop just reading the headlines and actually read the whole article. Wow that was a long rant. But it is just so stupid.

Guess what I just read online. They are going to stop selling gasoline next year becuase they can make hydrogen cars now. Go tell your friends becuase you probably just believed that too.

Coleman Heater

I finally got my Coleman 518B heater in the mail. It works great but I need to clean it up a bit. It will make a nice addition to my small collection and will round it out quite nicely. I need to find someone with an ice fishing shack to test it out... and maybe catch some fish.

Now if I could only figure out what is taking my valve so long to get here from the states. I'd like to get that lantern running. I've got a new generator, I've painted the frame and I have new glass for it. All I need is the valve to get it going.

I also have the joy of learning that I need to go for some blood tests. I had my yearly physical yesterday and my doctor wants to test my cholesterol and my thyroid. Its funny everytime I see him he goes "Hmmm... your thyroid feels a little big. We should check that." And everytime I tell him that its already been done. He wants a baseline on my cholesterol so he said they might as well check my thyroid while they are at it.

To add to the excitement today our email was out. The building that houses our email servers had no power all night so by this morning all the UPS batteries were dead and we had no email or website. I think that almost everyone in the 2 buildings phoned or came by my office to tell me that their email wasn't working. Ah well atleast tomorrow is friday.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Wardriving 2.0

After I found that picture on my computer I decided to go wardriving again. Here are the results.

I found about 290 hotspots and half of them were wide open. Unfortunatley kismac isn't exporting the map to jpeg properly. There are many on 8th street that don't show up on this map. I also find some of the SSID's funny. One had a guy's email address and another, which was open, was a person's address. So if anyone is interested there is an open hotspot at 250 Russell Road. There was another SSID that was a person's phone number and one person thought that they were a FBI mobile operation. Its great when you find some that shouldn't be they way they are. I've seen a few around that were obviously changed by some other wardriver. I've seen a few that said "Encrypt me!" and "pwned" "hacked". I wish people would try harder to keep things secure.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Colour blindness

I had my eye appointment today and verified that I have a slight red-green colour blindness. I had suspected this for some time as my grandpa's brother was colour blind and he suspects that he is himself. I was looking at some tests online for colour blindness and noticed that I failed them. My doctor showed me today that I most likely am a bit. I didn't want to pay for the all out test with an official diagnosis but I failed the screening tests. I thought that was kinda interesting. According to him less than 1% of females are colour blind while a whopping 8% of males are. That's a pretty big difference between the sexes. Apperantly if I go on to have a girl for a child she will most likley be a carier of the gene.

More importantly I found out that my eyes are starting to stabilize. Since last year my right eye has changed by a quarter point. Not nearly enough reason for changing lenses. I still have 20/20 vision with my glasses. Hopefully I can look into laser surgery soon. The worst part was I had to pay $82 to find out that nothing has changed. Thats the worst part about my new job is not having eye coverage.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

I was reading Mr. Electricity's website the other day and was trying to figure out a way to save some power. I thought that compact fluorescent bulbs would be a good way to start. I surfed over to energy star's website and discovered that the 2 bulbs needed for the 2 lamps in my living room would pay for themselves in 5 months and would save $44 per year. Now my mom and I are on a kick to replace as many of our light bulbs as possible with CFL's. I really can't see a downside to these bulbs. Take for example the ones I bought today. They replaced 50-100-150 bulbs and they use 11-20-26 watts. Now they only produce the equivalent to 50-75-105 watts of incandescent light, but its more than enough to read by. I would suggest reading Mr. Electricity's website. I'm sure everyone could save some money.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I was poking around the hard drive on my iBook and stumbled across this picture.

Its been a while since I've done any wardriving but I thought this was an interesting map. Its the north end of Saskatoon. All the network names in green are unprotected. Its amazing how many people are either ignorant or unconcerned about wireless security. Its so easy with WPA now. Just use a password. Of course you have to make it hard to do a bruteforce attack on it so don't choose a dictionary word.

"why should I care about who uses my internet connection?"

Cuz, dumbass, people can use it for bad things. You want someone spreading child porn through your connection? Or how about seeing your resume that you have on an open share on your computer? I've seen people with unprotected wireless and whole drives shared out on multiple computers.

"its too hard."

RTFM. Please. I'll wait... Ok now log onto your router and set a password. Now turn on WPA and come up with a hard password. Now type it into your laptop. Wow that was hard wasn't it.

"I still can't figure it out"

Wow. There are millions of tutorials out there. Start caring about what goes on with your stuff.

Ok I think that's gone on just long enough. Have a good night everyone.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Long weekends

Ah too bad the long weekend is over. I was thinking that the top 3 things I like about them are 1. 3 days off! 2. The week before you have something extra to look forward too. 3. The week after is only 4 days. Its great.

I had a busy weekend. I went to the hockey game that I mentioned already. I re-did the weather stripping on the front and back doors. Natural gas might go up as much as 41% this winter. Yay. Time to get a wood stove.

Also like most people we had thanksgiving supper. As usual it was amazing. I ate so much I had trouble breathing. Its a damn good thing that I wore sweatpants.

I found out today that the valve for my lantern shipped today. I absolutely can not wait to get it. I want to get that lantern running. I've put lots of money and time into it. I want to get the damn thing back together. I also found out where my heater is. I bought a Coleman 518B catalytic heater and I waited, and waited, and waited for it. No heater. wtf? I emailed the guy and found out the postal outlet didnt put enough postage on it and it came back to him. So hopefully it shipped today and I should get it in a week. For $5 I just hope it works. Course part of me hopes it doesn't work so I can fix it. :) My next project is that Coleman 118 desk lamp I found in my grandpa's basement. It was his Dad's so I think he'd really appreciate seeing it running again. I can't belive is is almost 80 years old. I am curious to see what kind of a stuggle it will be to get it running.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Go Canada!

Wow that was a great game. Canada was up 4-0 at the end of the first period and they won the game 6-0. I can't belive how great the play was especially for $18. Thats only $4 more than a Blades game. I can't get over that. I really liked that it was no contact. The main thing I don't like about the NHL is fighting. What is the point? If I spent $100 to see a NHL team play I really don't want to watch a bunch of fights. If I wanted to see that I could go to a bar and watch a fight for free. I would like to see a bit more body contact tho. A good body check is fun to watch once in a while. I was also surprised to find out it was played live on TSN. It was cool to see the transformation of Sask place. All the ads on the boards were changed and they painted ads in the ice.

Ah the long weekend. I'm glad to have 3 days off of work. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hockey Hockey Hockey!

I'm getting pretty excited about going to watch the Canadian womens team crush the USA team at Sask Place. Olympic hockey is great. I would rather watch that or World Juniors than the NHL. I would rather see skill than guys kicking the crap out of each other and delaying the game. But I'll still go see a NHL game if I get the chance. I'm interested to see how the new rules will speed up the game. I haven't watched any of the games yet. Well I did catch the shoot out but thats it so far. I would like to go see another Oilers game this year. I'm hoping to go see them play Vancouver in Edmonton, I just have to come up with the money. Decent seats are almost 100$ plus the gas to get out there. So its a $300 trip. I had so much fun last time though. Plus I was on tv last time. That was great. Now that the CBC is back to work, maybe it will happen again. O well time for sleep. Tomorrow is Friday!

Pukes of Hazzard

My birthday supper was great. I had a steak at Montanas and it was delicious. I love the peanuts in the lounge, peanut shells all over the floor.

After supper we went for a movie. We saw The Dukes of Hazzard. You know, it wasn't that bad. It helps that I went into it expecting it to be the worst movie to ever hit a projector. It had its problems, but overall I liked it. Burt Renoylds was a horrible Boss Hogg. And what was with Uncle Jesse telling jokes all the time? I don't remember that from the show. Also Jessica Simpson can't act. Although we already knew that. Course anytime she is on the screeen are we really listening? I know I wasn't *wink*. Ok so the best part of the movie was the driving. They drifted the old General like it was a Japenese sports car. I loved it. And of course the Broken lizard guys. It was directed by Jay Chandrasekhar so we had the gang in there. Ah Farva.... put some damn pants on. Jeez. Now for the absolute worst part of the movie. The desecration of so many Chargers. I know that a Dukes movie would have cars jumping, but watch the credits and you can see some sad stuff. I can only hope they were junkers or something. But they wrecked 10 cars I would say. Sad times. Just remember, 'Don't crush them, restore them'

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Birthday supper!

Tomorrow I get to go to Montana's for supper. Lindsay is taking me out for supper. It should be great. I wish I could afford to go out for meals more often. I like to try different things. My mom took me for east indian food for my birthday. We went to the Taj Mahal on Broadway. Man is it good food. I've had Samosas and Nan bread before but this was so much better. One weird thing tho... I didn't poop right for a couple days. I figured it would go right through me. O well, it was worth it.

I've been told that as Canadians we eat out too much. I work with a Chinese woman and she was talking about that one day. There are quite a few people at my workplace that go out for lunch every day. She can't understand that. Well to tell you the truth I can't understand how they afford it. She also told me something else that was interesting. When we (Canadians) go for lunch we pay seperatly. She found this to be unusual because where she is from if you ask someone to go out for lunch it is assumed that you are paying. That could get quite expensive.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Canada's worst drivers

Is anyone else afraid to go out on the road now? I know I am. I can't believe how bad some people can be. Faith-Ann has had 37 reported accidents, one of the other girls' plates cost $9000 per year. Honestly how does she even have a license. The worst part is her parents pay for her plates. Maybe if she had to pay it she wouldn't be so indifferent about hitting things. Her friggin body shop is on her speed dial. The little asian guy is horrible at driving. He can't even backup in a straight line. Or the woman from Medicine Hat that took 15 minutes to parallel park and hit the other vehicles 17 times! I know I'm not a perfect driver. I have some bad habits and I used to drive like Bob on the show, but atleast I have some driving skills. I've also mellowed out a lot. I'm worried about winter now. As a country we need tougher drivers testing standards. Maybe an actual driving school would be a good idea. They leave the teaching up to the parents of the kids with learners licenses. What if the parents are like the people on this show? How many people do you know that took many many tries to get their license? Just because you can fake your way through a 15 minute road test doesn't mean you are a good driver.

Anyways people, stay safe and try to stay warm :D

Brrrrr its cold out there

It is -6C with a windchill of -11C and its pretty cold out. Its really funny how we get acclimatized over time to winter. -6 is damn cold right now, but come February it will be T-shirt and shorts weather. In January if it warms to -25 we'll think "do I really need gloves today?" but in November at -25 we've got a tuque, a parka, big mitts and boots on. All I know right now is it's cold to work in the garage even with a propane heater. I'm trying to do some painting so I would like to keep it at 10 degrees, but that can be a struggle.

One good thing is I should be getting a valve for my Coleman 200 soon. Once I get that I'll be ready to put it back together. I've got the fount cleaned and polished up, the frame is cleaned and painted, a new generator is on its way and I've picked up a new globe and mantle. I can't wait to fire it up, too bad it might be too cold by then. It might still light but it will be a challenge. The brand new generator should help.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mmmmmm.....wings *drool*

I went to bridges tonight with Mark, James and Jacqui. Best wings ever. I haven't found better ones in Saskatoon. Everyone should try them once. Its a good place for a drink too. Just remember, Thursday night.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stirling Engine

For my birthday I got a Stirling cycle engine from my mom. I've made a short video of it running. It is running on a cup of hot tap water and I put an ice cube on the top to help it run faster.

Video courtesy of Upload Video and Images - Putfile

If anyone is interested has a good article on how they work. Here is how it basically works. The water heats the bottom plate causing the air to expand. The expanding air pushes on the work piston. Thats the small piston in the brass cylinder. As the work piston goes up it spins the crank shaft and that pushes the displacer down. Thats the big Styrofoam piston in the bottom. That forces the air to the top where it is cooled by the top plate and contracts. This pulls the work piston down spinning the crank shaft more. The displacer then moves up forcing the air to the hot side and it starts all over again. I bought my stirling engine from a guy in Germany. Their site has some other videos of stirling engines running.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Potatoe dig

I had a great time at the acreage digging potatoes. We did 7 rows, each about 60 feet long. So that should be about somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 plants. My grandpa figures we dug atleast 1000 lbs of potatoes. The process is one person digs with the shovel and the other one grabs the potatoes and puts them in a bucket. After all the buckets are full we take them over to the wash tubs and clean them up, sort them and put them away for the winter. Its a lot of hard work, but its kinda fun at the same time. That's not all we did that day though. I brought my model rockets out and my model steam engine. We fired both of those up. My uncle was quite interested in both of them. We also lost the dogs for a while. My uncle's girlfriend, Kim, brought her two German shepherds out and they took off across the field. They aren't farm dogs so she was worried they wouldn't find their own way back. After the second rocket went up everyone was "where's the dogs?". They made it quite a distance from the acreage. We found one about a mile away and the other probably made it 2 or 2.5 miles away. Poor Jack was so tired he couldn't even jump into the truck. I had fun driving my truck through the field tho. First time I've done that with this truck.

In this picture you can see the little yard tractor that we use to move the potatoes around. Without it there would be a lot of sore backs.

You can see how big the garden is from those pictures. There are actually 2 gardens on the acreage. This one is 60x~250 and the other one is 30x100. My grandparents sell some of the vegetables to pay for the land tax on the acreage.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday's aren't supposed to be busy...

I was hoping for a lax day at work today, but the computers had a different idea. 2 minutes after getting in I'm getting phone calls about login problems. One of the servers has a dead hard drive. Great. So I lug the damn thing back to my office and it fires up fine. GOD DAMNIT. O wait now I don't have to fix it. Lug it back and fire it up. Everything is fine. Sit back down, chair isn't even warm. The colour laser in the other building isn't working. Down the stairs, outside, up the stairs. Hmmm print job is failing CRC. What could that be? Well I reboot the "print server". Printer works. Good. I say "print server" becuase its an old computer thats running 98 and loaded, I mean looooaaaaaded down with crap. Back in the office. Run some tests on the server hard drive to make sure its almost dead. Seems to be fine so I make a fresh image of it. Well now that I'm at it I'll image all the servers. I realize this is good becuase it hasn't been done in 2 months. Go back to trying to fix the bosses laptop. It self destructed somehow so I reinstalled windows on it. Weird problems though. 2 days ago norton decided to throw up random errors and stop working. OK I'll reinstall it... doesn't work. Now windows scripting and active X also aren't working. Thats odd. Now the net is really slow. OK this is getting really strange. Run a virus scan, nothing. Run spyware scan, nothing. WTF? Now windows installer doesn't want to co-operate. Fuck it. I'll reinstall. So we'll see how my monday goes. I'm sure the laptop won't be quite right and there will be a day or 2 of fixing it more. Good thing friday is over.


i just got back from the hospital. Lindsays sister, Melissa, is in there again. They have no idea whats wrong with her. She has headaches and they don't know what is causing them. She's had 2 CAT scans, 1 MRI and a spinal tap. I'm sure she is ready to go home. She seems to have bad luck with her health, I wonder what horrible thing she did in a previous life.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


So we went to see stealth last night at Rainbow. Hmmm.... what did I think... well I'm glad I had a gift certificate so I didn't have to pay to see the movie. It wasn't bad, its just it wasn't good. I enjoyed the special effects and explosions and stuff, there was just too many things wrong with the movie. Now there are some spoilers here but if you really wanted to see the movie you would have seen it by now.

1. There are 3 pilots, 2 men 1 woman. Now what is the predictable thing that will happen? Yep 2 of them fall in love. Awww.... I wanna puke. Did we really need this? It was just dumb, they tried to put a romantic sub story in a movie about a robotic fighter jet. WHY???

2. Stupid extra scenes. They get some leave and go to Tailand. Again why? Well if they didn't go to Thailand you wouldn't know about the sercret relationship between the 2 of them. Again not needed.

3. Not nearly enough time with the robot. They could have expanded that character a lot more. Its the precursor to skynet. Camaaaan lets get some more info. They do mention that it starts to get feelings and learn about pretty much everything. In otherwords its almost human, and then it sacrifices itself to save one of the humans. Boo hoo no one cares because you didn't give us a reason to become attached to it.

4. Weak predictable story that follows the same cookie cutter plot of every other movie like this out there.

So in conclusion its a 2 out of 5. If you just want to sit back and watch planes fly really, really fast and watch shit blow up, then its probably worth renting or watching at rainbow. On the other hand if you want something that actually has a story and substance, then look elsewhere.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Busy weekend

Wow I'm looking at a busy weekend next week. Lets see.. Saturday is my birthday, we are going to the acerage for harvesting the garden, saturday night I'm at Lindsay's uncle's birthday party. On Sunday my dad is going to be in town so me, him, my brother and Lindsay are going for dim sum. Jeez I'm not going to get any time to do anything. Between all that and mowing the lawn and other normal weekend cleaning/yardwork I'm going to not get anytime to put my toes up. Good thing it will be a while before I get the valve for my lantern. If that came in on the weekend I'd be in a pickle. I would want to work on that.

Speaking of Coleman stuff, I just got a coleman heater for $5 on ebay. It is a 518B. I'm not sure how old it is but it should do a good job of rounding out the collection. I've also found a gem in my grandpa's basement. He has a Coleman desk lamp that used to belong to my grandma's dad. It is a Coleman 118 desk lamp from somewhere around 1930. Hopefully I'll be able to get that running. I wish I knew why this was so addicting. All my other hobbies are going by the wayside.


Ah its about time, the re-runs are over. So I go over to and look for scrubs. No scrubs.... hmmm.... check some message boards. October? WTF is that? NBC is going to go with their own productions like Joey first. Joey? Give me a break. I've had farts that are more entertaining, and better written.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

So many carrots

Whew I just spent the whole weekend digging carrots and potatoes. Too bad it was only my small garden and I get to do it all over again next weekend on a much larger scale. I actually kind of enjoy the work, I like gardening. I think its mostly the eating that I enjoy :D. I'm excited about going out to the acerage and helping out with the garden. We should also be having birthday cake for me becuase it is my birthday on the 25th. I'm going to be 23. Man mid-twenties now. I feel old.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Coleman lantern collecting

I've managed to stumble into a new hobby. For some reason I love lanterns.... well basically anything that makes light. Flashlights and fire are fun and a lantern seems to combine the two into one. So back on topic, I was given a new (new to me) lantern by a friends dad the other day. It is an old, rough coleman model 200 lantern. It was made in april of 1952 so I think it would be pretty cool to get it running. I blame my grandpa for getting me started with this. A while ago he gave me a model 335 lantern from 1974 and a coleman camp stove. Neither were in working condition but with a little work they fired up and worked like new. The stove was a little rough, I had to take it apart and clean it. The lantern was in great shape, he had only used it once. The only problem was that it was full of old gas and needed a new mantel. I later discovered the generator cleaner wasn't working right so I fixed that too. I think that the part I like most is taking something that someone feels is junk and getting it working again with a little bit of work and very little money. If anyone reading this is interested in old lanterns check out this site and hop on eBay. There is always inexpensive lanterns on eBay and the guys at that site will be able to help you get it running. I'll post a picture when I get that old lantern running.

First Post

Hello everyone. I was trying to figure out Dreamweaver tonight and got lazy, so I thought I'd give this blog thing a shot. Hope you like it.