Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I don't wanna move out

So its begun, Lindsay and I are going to go look at an apartment tomorrow. I can't say that I share her excitement about moving out. She can't wait to get out because her family pisses her off. I think she's being a little hard on them but then I don't have to live with them. I on the other hand don't see the things that I am gaining by moving out, all I see are the things that I am losing. I won't have a back yard to have a fire in, I won't have my dog to play with and I won't have my garden to go putter in. I am not excited I am sad. I won't have a drive way to park in, I'll have a parking space with morons on either side of me. I won't be able to sit in the back yard and read, I'll have a noisy balcony at best. I'm not looking forward to this, I'm looking down on it.

Perhaps I am being too negative about this, but I am having problems finding the positives. I'm going from coasting through to having to make an active effort to live. No more free cable and meals made for me. I'll have to pay for everything now and Lindsay doesn't cook. I'm going to have to learn to share a living space with someone instead of merely existing in the same house with another person.

I think my biggest problem is that I am scared. Scared of change, scared of the new and uncharted. Maybe these are just excuses because I am scared. Maybe they aren't.

Well we'll see how it goes tomorrow when I push off in search of India.


James said...

Moving has to be something that you want, and not what anyone else wants...well if your mom wants you to leave then you might be getting some strong hints.

When Jacqui and I were looking for a place we were very excited. I do like to putter around, and play in the yard but I can still do that...At my parents (or Jacqui's parents). We still play with the dogs. It's a good reason to go out and it is cost effective (only pay for gas). When you get there, go around supper time and you can be fed and then you can mow the lawn, play in the garden, or have a evening fire.

There is a really good feeling about having a place that is "your own" and it can bring a lot of new adventures to your life.

Yes there are bills like the TV, Phone, Internet...well everything but for me its worth it.

My advice is to not move out unless you're ready to. You need to think about yourself on this one and not what Lindsay wants. It moving out puts you into a bad mood then Lindsay isn't going to want to live with you.

Also Zack my last final is on Friday so give me a call and we can do something.

Zack said...

Thanks for the good comment. I do want to move out but I was feeling a little nervous/depressed about the idea. We are going to look at an apartment on Saturday and I'm getting excited about it. You're right I can always come exploit the yard here if I want.

Kerri got a new job so she wants to go for drinks on Friday. I don't know how you guys are getting along so we'll have to see whats going to go on on Friday.

James said...

Well that's good that you're starting to find the excitement in finding a place. After studying every day for the past month I'm exausted. I'm done work at 3 PM tomorrow and Jacqui and I are having supper at my parents. Since I'm on that end of the city if you're over at your house maybe we can visit and you can tell us about the place.

Happy apartment hunting!

Jacqui and James said...

How did the apartment hunt go?

Anonymous said...

yeah zack.. james is absolutely right. you need to be excited about this.. its a huge step and a huge responsability. I know when scott and I started looking for an apartment we were both excited about it and ready. You don't need to force yourself into this. it shoudln't be a mental struggle and in fact you need to be really comfertable with your decision if not your may regret it later. Scott and I had been looking at apartments and at duplexes for months before we finally moved out and it was a huge decision but one that we were both happy with ... my advice if your not ready.. don't do it lol.. just like drugs just say no.:P

Zack said...

Well we went to look at an apartment on Saturday and it went pretty well. I think my initial reservations about moving out were unfounded. I'm getting really excited about it now.

The place we looked at was Wimbleton Terrace on Pinehouse and Reindeer. It looked pretty good, standard two bedroom apartment. I've still got to fill out my application so that we can hand it in tomorrow. Wish us luck.