Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Good morning to you too

Now before I begin I must post a little disclaimer. I am not a lawyer. If this is somehow going to get me sued I'll take it down immediately but I don't think I'm in the wrong.

1. If you leave a message on someone's voicemail you must know that it is being recorded or what is the point of voicemail then?

2. I would imagine that since it is recorded on your voicemail equipment the message becomes your property.

3. I am posting this unedited and un-molested. I am not going to say anything about the person that said this, I am merely posting it for you to hear. This is not slander or libel.

Again if these assumptions are wrong please let me know. This is a message that I recorded this morning off of my voice mail. It awaited me when I got in.

This customer purchased a solar light and was un happy with it because it wouldn't work for him. I tried to help him over the phone but I could not solve it. I offered him a refund or replacement of the non-working light. he chose a replacement and I sent it to him with the message that if he is still not happy I would refund his money. The light is very similar to this one I found online. After working with him to resolve his problem this is how he chose to respond.

Putfile Link **NSFW** This message isn't G rated.

I'm sorry but putfile doesn't seem to offer an embeded audio player, just click on the link.


James said...

Well Zack I gotta say that this is one of the most childish customers out there. I would just leave a message for the person saying that there are no refunds and to shove it up his ass.
Or you coudl tell him that you're charging with verbal assault...and you've got it on tape. ( wonderful thing that business law class was )

What a way to start your day.

Anonymous said...

Holy hell what an ass... That is a good way to start your day.. nothing like a little verbal assault.. I mean hell does he think you sit in your little workshop and make them yourselves.. or spent all day trying to screw him over. My god.. he needs a rubber room .. and quick.

Saskboy said...

He's unhinged. Proceed with caution.