Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm ready for Christmas to be here

I'm almost finished all of my Christmas shopping. I was out last night and picked up a few things but it made me realise that I'm ready for Christmas to be done already. This is a surprising two weeks later than when I worked in retail but I'm done. I want some time off, I want to give people their crap that I've been hording for months like some cold war, bomb shelter owning American. I want my stuff too, people have been asking me for weeks "what do you want for Christmas" and I'm tired of it, I have no ideas left. I just want to see what they bought.

We bought a tree on Monday and decorated it it on Tuesday. I got taken to the cleaners by the tree guy. $30 for a 6.5ft Douglas fir? Damn if I wasn't so lazy I'd go down to mayfair hardware and buy one for half that. Probably in better shape too. This is Lindsay's first real tree in quite some time and I think she was a little disappointed in the Charlie brown that we have. I think people get spoiled by fake trees, there's no sap on you from sawing the bottom off, there's no needles and it is perfectly shaped. Where is the fun in that? I think its all worth it just for the smell. In reality there isn't much mess, after you get the decorations on and stop playing with it the needles usually stay put pretty well. At least I have somewhere to put my stash of presents.

One thing that makes shopping difficult is the lack of vehicles. Yes Lindsay's car is still in the shop. Its been there for a month now and I'm getting tired of it. When she is closing at work, which is most of the time, I have no car. Sure I've got the truck but be damned if I am going to drive that downtown and deal with parking. I could probably get things delivered for the same price as gas and parking. My mom is in a worse place with vehicles, the truck is her only vehicle in the winter. The car is parked for the winter. She's getting ready to revolt and just take the truck back. I wouldn't blame her.

I'm looking forward to some time off but I have a feeling that I won't actually get any time "off". Let see... on Friday the 22nd we are going to Moosejaw after work and then back on Sunday morning. Sunday is going to be spent at my mom's house and we'll do Christmas then. She has a party there that night with my family and then on Monday I'm with Lindsay's mom's family all day. Tuesday is back with my family at my grandparents. *sigh* did I loose you there? I'm sure by Tuesday night I'll be ready to shove myself in a dark hole somewhere and not come out for a few days.

Well that's enough complaining for one lunch hour. Hopefully everyone elses Christmas will be just as busy and crazy as mine. I don't want to be the only one.

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Jacqui and James said...

I'm ready for Christmas to be over too.....