Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wedding Vegetables

Well another series of Top Gear has come and gone. It was good, but not great. I must say the last few episodes have had some great quotes coming out of them.

I was a little disappointed in Richard Hammond in the last episode. His head must still not be right because he can't figure out how HP numbers on a chassis dyno work. They tested the new Mustang GT-500 against his 68 GT 390 and put them both on a chassis dyno. He was disappointed to see the GT-500 only produce about 450 hp since it was supposed to have 500. He failed to realize that it produces 500 at the crank and a 10% loss to the wheels is normal. I thought a "car guy" on tv should know this. He was more disappointed to find his 68 had about 250 hp at the wheels. Well considering the original HP reading was a gross reading at the crank this is probably about right. I'm disappointed as it seems these guys get to drive the fancy cars and smash shit but they don't seem to know much about cars. That said, Top Gear is still one of my favorite shows.

Just a little update on those 2-way FRS/GMRS radios I bought. It would seem that their range in the city is about 600-900 metres. That's a little below their claim of 10 miles but I didn't expect to see anything close to that. I was hoping to get 1-2 kms though. I'm sure on the flat prairie they would do much better but through houses, trees, cars, powerlines and the like they only give 600-900 metres.

I put up some pictures of my last lantern but I noticed that I haven't put any up of my 242B that I rescued from a pawn shop for $14. Notice the metallic green paint on the vent, it makes a nice smell when its running.

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This is a nice little lantern. It is built like a mini 236 or 237.

Well that's about all for this update but I will leave you this great link to the real live Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen.


Jacqui and James said...

Nice snowmen.

Zack said...

That was always something that I wanted to do but have never done. I guess the world no longer needs me to make these.

Anonymous said...

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