Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am sick of this shit.

It has been said that nothing in life is certain except for death and taxes but I was hoping to add shelter to that list. Once upon a time we had a nice little apartment in the north end, I had my own parking spot and I felt secure. Then one day Lindsay got the crazy idea that we should move to a house and going against my better judgment we decided to move. So we moved and it was a good move, everything went smoothly and quickly. We had a small army helping us and it was good. I gained a garage, a back yard and a noisy neighbour; I lost my parking spot, three flights of stairs and 17 neighbours. It seemed like a good trade off at the time but the Sword of Damocles soon fell. Not two weeks into this we found out the landlords, Lindsay's Aunt and Uncle, wanted to sell the house. Unpacking stopped. I wondered how long we would have a place to live and life went on with even less security. After a week of having strangers waltz through our home, not our house but our home, willy nilly whenever they felt like it we were told that the house sold. Yay! We can start unpacking again. Everything was back to normal.

I now realize that this feeling of relief was premature. Our combined rent is covering a $90,000 mortgage but the house sold somewhere north of $185,000 and probably quite a bit north. So we wait for the ultimate conclusion of the rent increasing. Never do business with family.

If I knew they were going to sell the house we wouldn't have moved or at least not into this house. I can't imagine someone decides to sell a $200,000 house completely on a whim.

Depending on the rent increase we will probably be able to absorb it. I'm making more money and Lindsay has a new job so this should be no problem. But. Well Lindsay isn't getting as many hours as promised and true I am making more money but we now have to pay more utilities and the rent is higher than the apartment already. Why is it that everyone always has to live to the edge of his or her means? I used to think that I wasn't one of those people, I could accept living in a small apartment if it meant that I was more comfortable, well the comfort hasn't increased. On which side of the line is the quality of life better? Do we plan for the future or live in the now? It would appear to me that the now is more important to most people.

A wise man once told me to live without regrets. I can't say I've done that and now I've got another one to add to the list.

I regret moving.

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