Monday, June 18, 2007

Been busy

Wow for some reason I've been really busy lately. It all started on Thursday. We usually go for drinks on Thursday after work but this Thursday was much drunker. A friend of Lindsay's is moving to Alberta so we all went for drinks after I had finished drinking with the guys from work. We didn't get home until about 3 am and I was up at 7 for work. A quick puke and a nap on the couch and I was ready to go. Friday we went to Georges for a BBQ and then Saturday at 7:30am I was at Tristan's to help him put the concrete pad down for his garage. Saturday afternoon was spent golfing for Dallas' bachelor party and we were up til 3:30am for that. Sunday was fathers day and I was at the acreage with my mom's family from about noon until 7:30pm.

This is about 800% busier than my normal weekend. I've just realized that I didn't send my Dad his fathers day card even though it is already purchased and I also just realized that I forgot about James' birthday. Jeez I'm slipping.

I learned a couple things during this weekend. First, if you're going to golf 18 holes after concrete work rent a damn power cart. Second, write important dates down on the calendar so you don't forget people's b'days. Lastly, I feel much older than I am right now.

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