Thursday, January 21, 2016

BitTorrent Sync Update

I've been running BitTorrent Sync on my Raspberry Pi and my Xubuntu box for almost 2 months and it's been working great except for one issue. The BitTorrent Sync process was hammering my PC. It was using 100% of one core 24/7.

I had finally had enough of it and sent them a support ticket. I figured I'd paid for pro so I might as well use some of the benefits that come with that. Well they were very fast to get back to me and asked me to turn on debug logging and send them the logs.

I discovered that debug logging was already enabled, and when I disabled it my CPU time problem went away. Since they asked for logs I turned it back on and let it log for a bit, sent them the logs, and turned off logging. My machine was finally running normally so I thought I had solved it.

The next morning they emailed pointing out that I had my the program's folder set to sync so basically with logging turned on I was causing a loop. The log would update, so it would try to sync that, and then that would cause the log to change, on and on.

Now that I've got that issue solved I'm hoping it all runs smoothly from here out.

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