Monday, March 20, 2006

First day of spring

Ah winter is finally starting to release its icy grip on us. March 20th is the vernal equinox this year. That means the day and night are equal length, well not exactly but its close. Being from the great white north it will be a while before it really starts to feel like spring but at least it is getting warm enough to wear spring jackets instead of winter parkas. The daytime temperature is about -5C lately, positivly balmy.

All this warm weather has got me thinking of camping. Yeah its a little early but I can't help it. I haven't had any extra days off since new years and its starting to get to me a bit. I found a new tool I want for camping. Its the Woodmans Pal, I was thinking of getting a knife but I saw this in Popular Mechanics. I'm still going to look around for a knife but this is only $80US and if a good knife is going to cost me close to that I might as well get the woodmans pal. Now the only problem is finding the money. Damn money.

I finally found out why people don't use their turn signals! 7 percent say it adds to the excitement. And all along I thought they were just fat useless twits. Shows me.


James said...

Damm money is right. I know how you feel. But before you go buying knives make sure to get your stuff for the wedding in may. Jacqui wants to see everyone in their stuff sometime in April. I don't think she would be happy if you wore a knife instead of a suit jacket.

But yah camping is good....very good.

Zack said...

Don't worry I've worked that into the budget. That reminds me though I should actually go get a jacket. I should go do that this weekend.

Jacqui and James said...

You should totally do that! Don't forget!!!