Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gillette Fusion

Wow its been a week since I posted last. How the time flies.

Anyways I thought I'd try out the new Gillette Fusion razor since I was running low on blades for my Mach 3. I am not impressed by this latest razor and I almost crapped my pants when I saw the price of new blades. I tried the non-powered version and I can't say it shaves any better than my Mach 3 does, if anything it pulls at my face more. For anyone who doesn't know what the Fusion is, it is Gillette's new 5+1 blade razor. Yes that is 5+1 not 6 because it has 5 blades on the front and 1 on the back to help you trim side burns. It comes in powered and non-powered versions, the powered version having a motor in it that causes it to vibrate. I didn't really think that would do anything so I bought the regular one but I should have done some reading first. This review I found says that the vibration didn't make for a better shave but made the razor glide over his face easier.

The price of blades for these things are atrocious. I was at London Drugs and 8 blades are $32! The powered version has its own blades and they were $35, thats more than $4 a pop and I doubt there is a difference. Hopefully this will mean the blades on my Mach 3 will come down in price, I doubt it but a guy can hope. On the other hand the older blades are getting really cheap. 10 blades for the sensor excel two blade razor are $12 and the old double edge razor blades are 10 for $10.

While looking at reviews and info on the Fusion I noticed there was a lot of talk about going back to the old ways of shaving. Here is an article I found about wet shaving. This is the old way of using shaving soap with a brush and a DE safety razor. So I looked around some more and found a great site full of information about wet shaving and the tools you need. There is a good How to guide about shaving. They even talk about straight razors and how to use them and maintain them. That would be the ultimate to be able to use a straight razor. I've always wanted to find an old barber and get shaved. An added bonus of the DE safety razor is the blades a much cheaper and it is much more environmentally friendly. No plastic is getting thrown out and the blades will just rust away.

If you want to try out the Fusion razor I would suggest giving the powered one a shot but I don't think I'll be buying any blades for this one. I'm happy with the Mach3 Turbo blades and I'm going to seriously consider trying a double edged safety razor.

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Mr. Shife said...

I tried the new blades but I don't think they are much better than the old ones that I use, and like you said they are cheaper. So I am sticking with the tried and true. I can't wait to see when they come out with six or seven blades.