Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ah laziness

I am lazy and I'm also a gadget freak so when I saw the new Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner I had to have one. I didn't expect that it would work very well because of the poor performance of gimmicky things in the past. Well I was very surprised by it.

I wish I had taken before and after pictures now because the difference would amaze you. I moved into a new apartment on June 1st and I've been using the shower cleaner for about the last month. The shower is the typical apartment shower that has seen a lot of use and a lot less cleaning so it wasn't looking the best. The chrome was covered in hard water spots and my poor cleaning had resulted in a good soap scum build up. That is all gone now.

I noticed about a week ago that the shower seemed shinier and thought it was my imagination but Lindsay agrees with me. Now the tap shines and reflects light. The tiles near the bottom which normally would be dull from soap scum are showing reflections like they were new. Even the caulking is bright white again. It is very easy to use, just press the button after your shower and it sprays solution all over to clean your shower.

Now it isn't without its downsides. I can't use my shower caddy anymore and that annoys me. I like having everything in easy reach and I can't have that with the cleaner hanging around the shower head. This isn't a huge problem as the cleaner makes sure that no mold or anything grows on my shampoo bottle that is constantly in the wet now. It also leaves a bit of a chlorine smell in the morning. This is a little unpleasent but isn't a deal breaker.

When I bought mine there was a special deal on with a $5 coupon on the website as well as a $5 coupon on the box so it was half price for me. I noticed that the $5 coupon is no longer on the website but I'm sure some of the boxes still have a coupon on them. There is also a $5 coupon included in the box so the first person who can guess what number between 1 and 10 that I am thinking of can have it.

So while the automatic shower cleaner isn't Rosie the robotic maid from the Jetsons, it's one step closer.


Anonymous said...

I say the number is 8 lol... and by god if it's that easy I may just be able to trick scott into using it. bah that sounds like a good deal... we all know how scott doesn't clean the tub but with trickery... it could be good!! lol.. anyways it looks lke i'll be getting some days off here comming up so I'll give you guys a call we should go have a beer or something.. cya later

Zack said...

Damn that was a good guess. If I can find the coupon its yours.

It really is that easy. I still wash it once a week but between you and me I don't think I'm accomplishing much.

Mmmm... beer.

Anonymous said...

Lol... yes my old friend beer ... how I miss you... well if you guys aren't doing much this long weekend I know I have Sunday/Monday off and so does scott he's not even on call or nothing!!! lol.. so I'll give you a call and we can set something up lol.. saturday night sounds like a beer night to me lol.. ttyl

Zack said...

Ah but we are up at Emma lake this weekend. Tutle lake next weekend. I almost look forward to going back to work because I can relax a bit.