Monday, October 16, 2006

Its happening again...

I find it quite fitting that on the day of the first snow fall of the year the second installment of Canada's Worst Drivers premiers. I love to hate this show, I can not miss it yet it enrages me to watch it. This season looks to be no different.

I can't believe how bad some of these people can be. Somehow they seem to have the same cross section of bad drivers as last time. There is the teenage girl who doesn't give a shit, the middle aged man who drives way too fast, the middle aged housewive who breaks down on the track and the engineer to over analyzes every move. I even think it is going to go the same. I think the first to leave will be the guy with the license plate "SPEEED" because he is exactly like the guy who played bumper tag last time. He can drive, he just chooses to be a moron. I think Canada's Worst driver will be the woman from Manitoba who strangely reminds me of Mark's ex Chantel who used to close her eyes while driving if something bad happened. She could have been on the show. The one I dislike the most on the show is the young girl who likes to hit stuff. She'll scrape the side of a car in a parking lot and giggle then drive away. Nevermind that she just caused hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage but she causes everyone else's insurance premiums to go up. These people shouldn't be allowed to drive. She is from Calgary and has wrecked 5 or more cars in her life, her cars usually last 3 to 6 months before she totals them. She is 22 and I would love to find out how much her insurance costs in Calgary. I would also like to slap her and her parents until my arm falls off.

I could rant all night about bad drivers but I won't bore you to death. Watch the show, it is on Monday evening at 8 on Discovery, thats 26 on shaw, 51 on Sasktel.


Anonymous said...

The 22 year old's insurance premiums must be a real bitch with that many accidents in Calgary. I'm 23 with a clean driving record and they already want an absorbitant amount of money for insurance. She must have very stupid, rich parents.

Bookm said...

Oh... I think you'll be a tad surprized! LOL

CWD2-Sean (SPEEED) hehe