Thursday, August 09, 2007

Electronics deals

Wow I've been working the deals lately. I mentioned that Lindsay got me a XM satellite radio for my b'day but I didn't mention the deal we got on it. The radio was at London Drugs regular $99 on for $69 so she bought it for me. I looked online and XM had a $20 mail in rebate for it. Last night I'm in LD and they've dropped the price of the Xpress to $29.99 so we brought the bill back in and got it price matched. Effectively Lindsay will have paid $9.99 for the radio. That's pretty good.

The second deal is at Office Depot. I've been looking at Belkin's boom box for the XM Xpress radio but its $100. I didn't want to spend this much so I noticed that Office depot has a sale on the Teac R1 radio. Normally $99 on sale for $39. It has a built in rechargeable battery, can run on 12v DC and has an AUX port that I could plug a satellite radio into. All I need to do is get a home or car kit for the radio and I should be set. :)

The Scottish is strong in this one.

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