Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Kingdom for a Table

Has anyone else noticed that Canadian Tire is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine?

I've been trying to buy a 8 foot folding table for two weeks now and I still don't have one. Here is the email I sent to customerservice@canadiantire.ca

"I have to say my experience at the SASKATOON WEST, SK 301 CONFEDERATION DRIVE in the last couple weeks has been poor. I could sum up the customer service as atrocious. I have been trying to buy an 8 foot folding table Product #99-3599-4 for two weeks. I check the website before I go to the store and it always says it is in stock. Last week after having to convince an employee that you actually sell that table I was told they were out but more were coming in yesterday. I went to the store tonight to be told that they were “on hold” until tomorrow when they would be placed in the center aisle. I thought that a store was in the business of selling stuff but I guess only on certain days now. I was too tired to complain because I had to wait at least 20 minutes. I had to wait for the first aisle person to find someone else because he didn’t know how to look it up in the computer and then they had to go look in the basement to see if they could find the table. Interestingly enough while I was waiting another person was waiting at the electrical desk and had to push the button 11 times before someone would come help him. I know it was 11 because I counted while I was waiting. Perhaps I should have tried to find a manager but I thought they would be just as apathetic as the staff and wouldn’t be much more help anyways.

I can’t understand why it is so difficult to purchase a simple table. I am going to go back tomorrow to try to purchase this table again. If I am unable to I will no longer shop at Canadian Tire. The customer service has been going down hill for quite some time now and I might as well shop at Wal-Mart."

Perhaps I am expecting too much from a bunch of 16 year olds that couldn't find their ass with a map and a flashlight. At least when I worked at London Drugs I knew what the hell I was doing.

Keep any eye on the papers for a story about a severe beating at the Confed Craptire. If you could pitch a bit in for bail that would be great too.


Anonymous said...

Canuck Rubber has been going downhill for years. Even trying to buy a small automotive part that they keep behind the counter is a task and a half.

I haven't shopped there in a couple of years. Good riddance.

Saskboy said...

The south alb. store wrecked my parents' car years ago. They overfilled the tranny oil, and it blew out the engine too. The overfill was put on the bill, but small claims court let my family down because GM didn't make a proper "safety valve" or some such nonsense.

My friend took his car to that store last year. They changed a part, but it wasn't working right. He took it across the street, and learned it was the wrong part. He tried to take the wrong one back to the automotive desk, and they sent him to customer service desk at the other end instead. (I was with him while doing this.) They said they couldn't refund the charge for the work until the next day because the mechanic who did it was away!