Monday, June 12, 2006

Blogging and bachelors

Those two titles aren't related but I've been noticing a strange trend in blogging lately, people are worried about their blog being interesting to the readers. I'll level with you, I don't give a crap if you enjoy this blog or not. I'm just here to keep all my friends up to date on what's going on and maybe vent about some crap that bothers me. If you find it boring go somewhere else.

Now that I have that off my chest I'll tell you about Scott's stag. I was invited out with some of Scotts friends to Redberry Lake for some good old soggy drinking fun. Its been raining for the last week straight so everything was a little soggy out there but we were too drunk to notice. We got there Friday evening and set up our tents. Straight after that we got drunk around the fire and eventually found our way to bed. Not before Scot puked though. He was drinking Baja Rosa so his puke was peptobismal pink. Not a pretty sight. I'm glad I decided to bring my propane lantern because all they had were a couple flashlights and a weak ass battery lantern. You know I like lanterns so don't get me started on the battery ones. I think that most people are afraid of fuel powered lanterns. Its too bad really because you can't beat them for light.

Saturday was a bunch of fun. We started out by playing a game of Texas hold'em and I won! I've never had the patience to win before but $20 was on the line so I ended up winning $80. How about that eh? I still have to collect from Scott, I guess I'll have to go break his legs later if he doesn't pay up. After the poker game we ate some breakfast sausages but we didn't have any cutlery or plates so we all stood around the fire with sharpened sticks and ate sausages. It was really quite funny. We had some hot dogs after cuz we were all still hungry then we set up a big tarp over one of the picnic tables. That worked really well and we were able to play some cards outside. Terry and I beat Brian and Shaun(sp?) at a game of Kaiser... well I'd say that Terry carried me but we still won. We played some more cards and then tossed the foot ball around for a bit. They came up with a drinking game called Long Bombed. Someone runs out for a long pass and if they make it everyone else drinks but if they don't make it the QB and receiver drink. It gets you pretty drunk because of all the running. By the end there were people running into trees and diving into bushes. I'm actually quite surprised that no one died because right after that we started to see who could throw the axe and get it stuck in the tree. Four drunk guys and two axes, that's a recipe for lost limbs if I ever seen one. While most of this was going on Scott was cooking our steaks. I ate an amazing amount of beef. I had a big T bone plus half a big chuck steak and then later ate another one. It was so good. Scott did a good job considering the steaks were still frozen and he was cooking on a fire. After supper we sat around the fire drinking again and the lantern was again a hit. It started to rain again that night around midnight or 1 am but overall the weather really wasn't that bad. It was drizzling for a large part of the time but there were enough trees to keep us sheltered and out of the wind but it did rain a bit. Saturday during the day it rained for about an hour but we were under the tarp playing cards and it rained Saturday night but we were all blitzed and kept warm by the fire so we didn't really notice. I have to say that I wasn't nearly as wet inside the tent as I thought I would be. I have to commend my cheap walmart tent as it did a good job of keeping me dry. I did spray the crap out of it with a silicone waterproofing spray last summer so that may have helped. The other guys didn't fare so well with the rain. Brian's tent got pretty wet inside and his wool blanket ended up weighing about 20 pounds but Terry took the cake when he left his shoe outside for the night. That must have sucked to wake up to.

Sunday was uneventful as all we did was pack up and go. We stopped for breaks at McDonalds and played some Settlers of Catan at Scotts house. The whole weekend was a bunch of fun inspite of the rain. Just a bunch of drinking, stupidity and gay jokes. Good time for all.


Jacqui and James said...

When you talk about throwing axes I get very glad that James doesn't drink!

Zack said...

We weren't throwing them at each other ;)

James said...

Well I'm glad that you had fun. If you want to share the news in your life with your other friends I would suggest making makes it easier to read.

"What! I made paragraphs" you say. Well yes you did make some paragraphs but the one in the middle so long it was getting hard to read when you have to scroll down.

Anyways I better go and think os something to write about for my own, paris, my birthday? I'll have to think about that some more.

...and you have to come over sometime and look at my DVD drive.

Zack said...

Yeah I was thinking that the paragraph was getting pretty long but I didn't want to break my train of thought.

Saskboy said...

I understand about not bothering to try to make a blog for everyone. The important thing is that you like your blog, as likely you, your best friends and family are the most likely people to ever read it anyway. And if it's a pain to think of something to write, because you're not sure what others would like, what fun is that?