Friday, June 02, 2006

Created by Beelzebub himself

I know I said the next post would come from the apartment, but I forgot to bring my laptop. We got Sasktel Max installed yesterday and we get to watch it in all its glory on my 13" tv. Nothing beats it.

Anyways 2 days ago I purchase these metal shelving units from Walmart for our store room. I thought they were a fantastic deal at $16 per unit and they hold 60lbs per shelf. Great that'll do just fine and they are half the price of the plastic ones. It took me 2 hours and most of my sanity to assemble them. I realize why they are so cheap now. They were assebled in a Russian Tractor factory under forced labour conditions. Nothing lined up and everything was a little bent and of course they had HAD to use flat head screws for assembly. What sick peverted bastard would decide to design it with flat head screws? I would like to know so I can shove a screwdriver up his ass. Philips would have been so much easier to use or for the love of god get on the robertson bandwagon. Hex bolts would have been a god send, even torx or alan key bolts would have been fantasic. But no I'm stuck with flat head screws. By the end I was starting to lose dexterity in my fingers. Now that they are together they are good shelves and they fit perfectly in the store room but I don't think the ends justify the means in this case. Spend more money people!


Jacqui and James said...

How did moving go?

Zack said...

Moving went great. We were all done in 2 hours. A couple of guys from work helped my uncle and I move the big stuff (couch, chair, bed) and while we were gone Lindsay's Dad put the bed together. I'm pretty much all unpacked but Lindsay still has boxes of stuff all over the place. As of yet we do not have a kitchen table or a microwave. Lindsay's dad is going to buy us a BBQ so we don't have to heat up our apartment even more buy cooking inside. Thats the downside to a top floor apartment, it is really warm.