Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I think its broken

So on a whim I made a purchase today. I went over to staples and bought this:

It really hasn't made my job any easier. It has made it funnier but the button is very loud. When pressed it says "That was easy" just like the commercial but it would be too loud for most offices. I was considering modding it to have it say something else. One of the electrical engineers has a micro that can hold 2 seconds of audio so we were going to put that on the board and record something else to it. The micro in the button has that black potting compound over it so you can't tell what it is or change it. We would have to make a whole new circuit board for the button. I kinda doubt that is going to happen but the button is fun. It would be more useful it if went "Oh crap!" or something like that. Oh well, it was only $6 and the money goes to support the special olympics.

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