Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sweet Zombie Jesus

It has been hot and busy around here lately. The apartment was 33 last night when we got home from my final tux fitting. From that you can probably infer that Kerri's wedding is on the weekend. We have the rehersal tomorrow night, the wedding saturday and the gift opening Sunday. On top of that I've got holidays next week so we are trying to get our shit together for camping and I'm trying to get work ready for me to leave. We had our freezer delivered on tuesday and got our bbq tuesday eveing, so it has been a busy week.

Where are you going camping?

Ah I'm glad that someone is interested in knowing. We are going to Moose Mountain Provincial park. Hopefully we will be there from monday evening to thursday sometime. The only thing that sucks a bit is the drive. It is a 6 hour drive give or take a bit. Atleast it is on good roads. We go through Regina then follow the #1 for a while and have to drive on a secondary highway for ~50kms. One of the reasons we are going is the Kenosee Superslides

I can't wait to be there with a beer, a fire and my lantern. I'm still deciding which one to take but I may take more than one if there is room in the car. 3 days with no phones, no computers, no people and no cares. Well Lindsay will be there but I'm kinda used to her being around ;)

Other than that there is not too much going on around here. It seems like I am busy but nothing exciting is happening. I guess its a case of regular life.

Here are a couple video's for you. WARNING these are NSFW, NSFYC (not safe for young children) and NSFPW (not safe for pregnant women)

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