Monday, July 17, 2006


Hey guys I'm back from camping but I can't post about it because blogger keeps f$#king up and won't let me post images. Its very frustrating, I've been trying for two days and it will let me do one a day. Damn shit.

Keep your eyes open for those but in the mean time I want to talk about VLC. VLC is an opensource media player that will play anything you can throw at it, well pretty much anything. If you have a file that is damaged and windows media player won't play it try VLC, it probably will. It also doesn't require extra codecs for the most part so if you have a video that you don't know what it is try playing it here first. Another tip on that one is G-spot. Now get your mind out of the gutter and pay attention. If you've ever had a video that won't play and you don't know what codec it is using, open it in g-spot. It will tell you what video and audio codecs the video needs and whether you have them installed. Its great.

Anyways, back to VLC. I was told that it was good at streaming video and I thought that would be perfect for my torrent downloading. I like to download shows and then play them through my TV on my laptop but I have to transfer them to it first and that takes time. Now with VLC I can just stream the video to it and all is well. Did I mention that my laptop is an iBook? Well VLC runs on almost everything. Windows, OSX, Linux, Unix, you name it. Good stuff.

A little local news for you

Saskatoon Man Faces Internet Child Exploitation Charges

Author: Lindsay Rabyj- CJWW News

A Saskatoon man facing charges of Internet child exploitation made a court appearance Friday.

33 year old David Hubbard was arrested Thursday night after allegedly making contact with a 12 year old girl though a web chatroom and setting up a face-to-face meeting to engage in sexual activity.

Police intervened before the incident could take place and the man was arrested.

He's been remanded in custody and will make another court appearance July 17.

Now why would I put this on my blog? Because I know this guy and he lives down the block from me. This does not surprise me at all. This guy used to be a customer of mine at LD and he was very annoying. He would always come in with strange questions about hardware that he bought somewhere else or software questions that were too vague to answer. He was always kinda shifty looking and just seemed too weird. An example would be that he always wore a leather jacket no matter what the weather. I saw him a week ago walking home in 30C+ in his black leather jacket. Something is not right. I guess I shouldn't bash people too much as I am a bit strange myself but I had to yell at my tv when I saw him on there. It was me telling my brain, "I knew there was something strange about that guy". The absolute funniest part about this was what happened a month ago. I was in LD talking to one of my former co-workers when I saw this guy working there. I almost shit my pants but I was soon calmed down by them letting me know he was only a work-ed student or something. I couldn't find a picture for you guys, not that blogger would let me post it anyways, but if you've watched the news the last couple of days you've seen him. You also saw Pete my land lord as he also manages the building that David lived in.

Just thought I'd let you know that it is a small scary little world out there.


Saskboy said...

Thanks for the G-spot tip, I didn't know about that program.

Zack said...

Its saved me quite a few headaches in the past.

Anonymous said...

Not only is the whole Dave thing creepy, but he was supposed to get married a month after he was arrested. I know this because I was his fiancé. It's a crazy batshit world.