Friday, September 16, 2005

Coleman lantern collecting

I've managed to stumble into a new hobby. For some reason I love lanterns.... well basically anything that makes light. Flashlights and fire are fun and a lantern seems to combine the two into one. So back on topic, I was given a new (new to me) lantern by a friends dad the other day. It is an old, rough coleman model 200 lantern. It was made in april of 1952 so I think it would be pretty cool to get it running. I blame my grandpa for getting me started with this. A while ago he gave me a model 335 lantern from 1974 and a coleman camp stove. Neither were in working condition but with a little work they fired up and worked like new. The stove was a little rough, I had to take it apart and clean it. The lantern was in great shape, he had only used it once. The only problem was that it was full of old gas and needed a new mantel. I later discovered the generator cleaner wasn't working right so I fixed that too. I think that the part I like most is taking something that someone feels is junk and getting it working again with a little bit of work and very little money. If anyone reading this is interested in old lanterns check out this site and hop on eBay. There is always inexpensive lanterns on eBay and the guys at that site will be able to help you get it running. I'll post a picture when I get that old lantern running.

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Anonymous said...

I picked up this lantern at an estate sale yesterday. I can hear fuel inside it sloshing. Any suggestions on getting it tested out, besides doing it outside, and having a fire extinguisher handy? ;-)