Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Potatoe dig

I had a great time at the acreage digging potatoes. We did 7 rows, each about 60 feet long. So that should be about somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 plants. My grandpa figures we dug atleast 1000 lbs of potatoes. The process is one person digs with the shovel and the other one grabs the potatoes and puts them in a bucket. After all the buckets are full we take them over to the wash tubs and clean them up, sort them and put them away for the winter. Its a lot of hard work, but its kinda fun at the same time. That's not all we did that day though. I brought my model rockets out and my model steam engine. We fired both of those up. My uncle was quite interested in both of them. We also lost the dogs for a while. My uncle's girlfriend, Kim, brought her two German shepherds out and they took off across the field. They aren't farm dogs so she was worried they wouldn't find their own way back. After the second rocket went up everyone was "where's the dogs?". They made it quite a distance from the acreage. We found one about a mile away and the other probably made it 2 or 2.5 miles away. Poor Jack was so tired he couldn't even jump into the truck. I had fun driving my truck through the field tho. First time I've done that with this truck.

In this picture you can see the little yard tractor that we use to move the potatoes around. Without it there would be a lot of sore backs.

You can see how big the garden is from those pictures. There are actually 2 gardens on the acreage. This one is 60x~250 and the other one is 30x100. My grandparents sell some of the vegetables to pay for the land tax on the acreage.

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