Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday's aren't supposed to be busy...

I was hoping for a lax day at work today, but the computers had a different idea. 2 minutes after getting in I'm getting phone calls about login problems. One of the servers has a dead hard drive. Great. So I lug the damn thing back to my office and it fires up fine. GOD DAMNIT. O wait now I don't have to fix it. Lug it back and fire it up. Everything is fine. Sit back down, chair isn't even warm. The colour laser in the other building isn't working. Down the stairs, outside, up the stairs. Hmmm print job is failing CRC. What could that be? Well I reboot the "print server". Printer works. Good. I say "print server" becuase its an old computer thats running 98 and loaded, I mean looooaaaaaded down with crap. Back in the office. Run some tests on the server hard drive to make sure its almost dead. Seems to be fine so I make a fresh image of it. Well now that I'm at it I'll image all the servers. I realize this is good becuase it hasn't been done in 2 months. Go back to trying to fix the bosses laptop. It self destructed somehow so I reinstalled windows on it. Weird problems though. 2 days ago norton decided to throw up random errors and stop working. OK I'll reinstall it... doesn't work. Now windows scripting and active X also aren't working. Thats odd. Now the net is really slow. OK this is getting really strange. Run a virus scan, nothing. Run spyware scan, nothing. WTF? Now windows installer doesn't want to co-operate. Fuck it. I'll reinstall. So we'll see how my monday goes. I'm sure the laptop won't be quite right and there will be a day or 2 of fixing it more. Good thing friday is over.

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