Thursday, September 22, 2005


So we went to see stealth last night at Rainbow. Hmmm.... what did I think... well I'm glad I had a gift certificate so I didn't have to pay to see the movie. It wasn't bad, its just it wasn't good. I enjoyed the special effects and explosions and stuff, there was just too many things wrong with the movie. Now there are some spoilers here but if you really wanted to see the movie you would have seen it by now.

1. There are 3 pilots, 2 men 1 woman. Now what is the predictable thing that will happen? Yep 2 of them fall in love. Awww.... I wanna puke. Did we really need this? It was just dumb, they tried to put a romantic sub story in a movie about a robotic fighter jet. WHY???

2. Stupid extra scenes. They get some leave and go to Tailand. Again why? Well if they didn't go to Thailand you wouldn't know about the sercret relationship between the 2 of them. Again not needed.

3. Not nearly enough time with the robot. They could have expanded that character a lot more. Its the precursor to skynet. Camaaaan lets get some more info. They do mention that it starts to get feelings and learn about pretty much everything. In otherwords its almost human, and then it sacrifices itself to save one of the humans. Boo hoo no one cares because you didn't give us a reason to become attached to it.

4. Weak predictable story that follows the same cookie cutter plot of every other movie like this out there.

So in conclusion its a 2 out of 5. If you just want to sit back and watch planes fly really, really fast and watch shit blow up, then its probably worth renting or watching at rainbow. On the other hand if you want something that actually has a story and substance, then look elsewhere.

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