Monday, December 12, 2005

Beer and popcorn

Why don't people ever tell the truth? It seems like everytime that a politician is truthful the general population jumps down their throat. The Liberals are in hot water because one of the PM's aids said that parents would use the money that the conservatives are promising them for their kids on other stuff. He said that they would use the money for "beer and popcorn". Now everyone is angry and whining about the Liberals. Now I'm not one to defend the Liberals, in fact I don't like them, but come on people pull your head out of your ass and realize that there are lots of parents out there that do use government money on booze. Take a look around in some of the poorer area's and realize that the people stumbling out of the Barry probably didn't work to get the money to get wasted. Ask the 15 year-olds that robbed that 82 year-old lady how often their parents were out spending the baby-check on booze. Maybe if they didn't their kids wouldn't be robbing old women. Take Jim Pankiw for an example of what happens when you do speak the truth. He got into a lot of shit over his indian crime pamphlet. He wasn't lying when he wrote that. They were all real stats from stats Canada but yet everyone was mad that he was a "racist". He didn't massage the numbers to make the indians look bad, they just commit a lot of crimes. I realize that they do that because they are poor and people are racist but they've at some point got to realize that they write their own fate. Another story in the news is the people trying to draw attention to all the missing female natives. They say that the police and the government doesn't care about them because they are native. Where where YOU when they were working the streets, selling their bodies, doing drugs and committing crimes to support the drug habit? All these mothers and aunts are quick to blame the government when their daughters aren't found but I don't think they even realize that they could have done something to prevent this. Maybe some people are beyond help but take some responsibility for your own damn lives. You are adults and you need to take care of your children. These things didn't all just happen by themselves. Apathy is not a way of life and everyone should do their part to make sure that these things don't happen.

I see stupid people

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