Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I wish Rogers would use some lube

Yep I'm getting screwed by Rogers over my cell phone again. Now they say that I changed plans in March, which I didn't, and now they've taken away my $5 credit each month. Its something I've had since the beginning and now I don't get it anymore. Apearently their accounting department noticed the mistake and "fixed" it. Did they let me know that it would now cost me $5 more per month? Nope they just stuck it to me. It seems like the try to screw me at every turn. I got a new phone a while ago, possibly in March, and since then its been one ass f*cking after another. The couldn't put my old phone on my plan for my mom because they are retards. So it took a week and some freaking out at the little girl at the Rogers store. So that was settled.... until I got my first bill. Whats this they are charging me for daytime and evening minutes, hmm.... thats odd I pay for 150 ANYTIME minutes a month. Shouldn't that cover any minutes anytime? So I bitch at them, yep its fixed there will be a credit on my next bill. Yay its all done they rock! Uh... wait there's my credit but there is also a charge for the same exact damn problem. So another round of bitching and its fixed again. Well this went on for 3 months until someone at Rogers reached way up, found their head, and yanked it violently out of their ass.

So needless to say I'm tired of it. I won't be renewing my contract and I am going to investigate how to get out of it early. I was thinking about getting a phone through Sasktel, but I've heard they are no better. Its like politicians, do you stick with the devil you know or try out the other one. You can't win, they're all out to f*ck you.

Whats that in the distance? Its light spilling down through the clouds from heaven... and whats in the spot light? Is it our saviour? No its just Virgin Mobile. I've been doing some reading and it looks like their pay as you go might be the way to go. You get all the features you want and your money doesn't expire for 120 days. I'm going to have to look into this further. I really don't want to have to go in a contract again. I'm considering just getting rid of my cell phone entirely. I'll go back to smoke signals or just ignoring everyone again. I will survive.


Zack said...

That just adds evidence to my theory that it doesn't matter what cellphone company you use. They just don't care.

Anonymous said...

I think I might try Virgin Mobile once my cell plan expires in a gajillion years. And even then, I'd probably go with Rogers if I didn't like Virgin. SaskTel sucks.