Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Its an Ubuntu Christmas

I mentioned Ubuntu Linux before and I finally got the free CD's. So I got 10 regular, 3 AMD64 and 2 PPC CD's. I was so excited to get the Mac version so I could try dual booting my iBook until I found out that there is no drivers for the airport extreme because it is made by Broadcom. Broadcom won't release the info that the open source community needs. Selfish bastards. What are they going to do with the info other than make drivers? So as it sits I have no point to putting it on my laptop. I am having fun with it on my work laptop though. I was running kismet and ethereal at work to keep an eye on everyone.

I'm thinking of dual booting my Athlon64 machine at home since its actually a 64bit OS. We'll see. I might wait on that one until I move out.

So anyways if someone wants a copy let me know. Its by far the easiest distro I've ever used. Its based on debian and the software is installed through packages so its pretty easy "sudo apt-get install package name" There is also a graphical way to install software but the command line is straight to the point and powerful. Unfortunately it doesn't keep files in the usual locations compared to other distros but on the other hand there is a good guide to help you out.

Check it out, you don't always have to use Windows.


Zack said...

Just be careful. They won't be very stable and will be quite susceptible to viruses.

Anonymous said...

I download my Ubuntu distros because I can't stand waiting for their ShipIt CD's to arrive. Though free is always good - particularly for those on dialup. On that note - does anyone here know anyone who still uses dialup? I know a guy who does, but that's because he lives in the middle of nowhere.