Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas is almost here...

and its about damn time. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I hate the time from Halloween until Christmas. You know the time, you're barely done smashing jack-o-lanters and the Christmas decorations are already going up in stores. They just can't wait to suck you dry and make sure you are jolly about it. The commercialization of christmas is getting so bad even Santa can't stand it.

This time of year you are trying to go over a list of who you've bought presents for and who might buy you some. A sad ranked list where you are trying to figure out how much that person is "worth". How much should you spend on them without looking like a cheap ass or making their gift to you look like crap. You also never want to be caught without a present for someone who bought you one. Now there is always this method but we never think of actually trying it.

Of everything about christmas I think I hate the music most. Well I shouldn't really say that. I like the music but after 2 months of it I'm ready to go on a shotgun rampage. I'm actually amazed that I survived 3 years working in retail. Having to listen to that much Christmas music really ruined it for me. Now the only time that I enjoy it is when its on my grandparents turntable on Christmas morning. Its not an isolated incident either. If you work in retail watch your fellow employee's, you can actually see the music suck the life out of them. The season starts with everyone singing along but it soon turns into people cringing everytime their most hated song comes on. It also seems that everyone has a different one that tries to send them over the edge.

Atleast picking out presents for people is easy. Yeah right. Quantum physics is easy, this stuff is hard. It really goes to show how much you know about your friends and how much they know about you. Everyone whose tried to fake joy at opening a present can relate to this one.

Too many people think a present has to be cool. Why not buy people stuff they really need? This morning the radio was talking about what not to buy your wife. Things like vacuums and apliances were on that list. Why can't you buy those? So what if they aren't cool or romantic. Its something that is needed and will be used. I don't care if I get underwear for Christmas, its something that I always need. Some people get it though. I bought Lindsay's mom a turkey lifter for Christmas. Its not a cool gift and it was cheap, but it was something that was on her list for the past 6 years. Of course she could have just been feigning excitment about it.

I guess I haven't painted a rosey picture of Christmas here but that doesn't mean that its a bad holiday. It is just too comercialized now. People think that they have to spend money to make people like them or to avoid dissapointing them. Just have fun and buy stuff that people want/ask for/need. Don't worry about what it costs its the thought that counts.


Anonymous said...

Appliances for your wife? Do you ever want sex again? Buy a household present if you want but address it to the household. There is nothing saying that only women need to use appliances. Rule of thumb: never buy your wife something that plugs in, unless you have been explicitly told otherwise. Useful presents are great-I've received some already-just not to your wife!

Zack said...

Ok bad example. I could have used a car or something else useful as an example. My point was that a useful present isn't "bad". A pretty shiney thing gets a great reaction but you can't drive it to work.

James said...


Zack said...

Hmmm... all good points. Perhaps my rant was not properly thought out. Could be why I don't get any.