Monday, May 08, 2006


We might be closer to an apartment now. Lindsay phoned the guy in charge of Wilbeldon Terrace and I guess he has an apartment for us. We're going to look at it after work today. I got quite excited when Lindsay told me, in fact I had to pee. Anyways I have no idea what this is actually for as I did not talk to him. Is this the damage walk around and stuff or is this just to say yep this will be available for you for June 1st? I dunno. Hmmm... I seem to be rambling more than normal.

I am also getting excited about paintball in Edmonton on the 24th of June. For Nigel's birthday we are going to go paintballing. I can't wait to shoot him and Dad. I'm sure that I'll get lit up pretty good too as I will be the biggest target and possibly the most out of shape. Ah well it will be fun none the less and besides the bruises heal eventually.

Wish us luck.

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