Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Non-stop Gonging

No I'm not getting gonged at work, whatever that would be, it is a reference to the Gong Show. Everyone next door is out on service calls so I had to set up a site computer and I have no idea what is going on. I was told to install dos, a modem, our software and the config file. I was with them right up to our software. I wasn't even born when this software was developed. So I muddle my way through the land of DOS and floppy disks all the while getting asked questions that I don't know the answers to. Rory and myself manage to get everything working much to the surprise of Rainy and then we go for lunch. On the way out I mention to Rory that we need a large gong that we can ring whenever it gets this way around work. He laughs and tells me it would be non-stop gonging if we did that. I tend to agree.

So in other news I broke my newest lantern. I bought a 11/68 220F off of ebay and I was almost done rebulding it when I stripped out the tip cleaner assembly. Damnit. So I've got those on order but it could be a while before I see them, not to mention that the parts are worth as much as I paid for the damn lantern. Ah well atleast it is a fun hobby. I've got 3 lanterns now and I may have spent $100 rebuilding them which is pretty cheap as far as hobbies go. I'll put some pictures up when I've got it running next week.

Feeling down? You might just need some sex.

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Anonymous said...

$100 for three products of a hobbie? Well done! For some reason I always find the most expensive things to take a liking to. :(