Thursday, November 24, 2005

First merge lanes and now red lights

Wow I think the driving around here is actually getting worse. Last night I watched a Sasktel van blow through the stop sign at Avenue P and 29th street. Mark found the first pay phone and bitched to Sasktel. Nothing will happen to the person but he got to bitch at a supervisor for a while.

It gets better. We are on the 33rd street exit on circle drive and are trying to figure out why this car is sitting in the middle of the intersection on a green light and a hog semi blasts through the intersection. Thats a little odd, well maybe his light just turned red but wait our light just went amber. That means his light was red for quite a while when he ran through it. The guy infront of us was pretty close to getting a new car or getting killed.

If it is this bad when its just cold out I can't wait for the snow. It will be anarchy out there.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... A creative way to legitimately bitch at a SaskTel employee.

.. Ingenious.