Wednesday, November 02, 2005


WTF is that, right? Its a new disto of Linux I've been trying out. I was at cbit and they had free CD's out so I gave one a shot. Its the best version of Linux I've ever tried. I put it on my laptop at work and it seems to be going pretty good. The one problem I've been having is it doesn't like the wireless card I have. It works very intermittently. If I reset the card or the WAP it will work for a while. I know my WAP is flaky, but it was never this bad under windows. Unfortunatley I dont' have a second card to try. I actually do have a second card but it is a broadcom chipset and appearently there is no linux drivers. I don't seem to have any problems when I use a hardwired connection.

Ubuntu also gives out free CDs so I ordered some. If they actually come through I'll have 10 PC, 3 64bit and 2 Power PC CD's coming to me. I wonder if it will be different on my ibook. So hopefully I'll get those and I can hand some out.

Linux is finally getting close to being a desktop for the average person. I thought this was really easy to setup and its pretty easy to install software. I guess it would still be out of range for most people though. I would say that most people just want it to work and they don't want to have to set anything up. Especially if they have to use a command prompt.

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