Thursday, November 24, 2005

Transporter 2

What a piece of crap.

I was considering leaving this post at that. The only good part of the movie was the cars. His main car was an Audi A8 with a W12. MMmmmm...... 12 cylinders in a V8 sized package. He also drove a Lamborghini gallardo spyder through traffic on high-speed pursuit of a helecopter. My money was on the Lambo.

And thats where the good stuff ended. The whole movie felt so fake. Not stretching the truth fake but OMG do they think we are drooling idots fake. No matter what he did the Audi did not get damaged. A trip through a cinderblock retaining wall complete with a flight across a street into another building without a scratch. He survived a Lear jet nose diving into the ocean. Uh...? Wah? I thought jets were made of aluminum not reinforced steel or titanium. They shouldn't have found a part of that plane bigger than a Chihuahua's head. Oh I forgot one good part. There was a scarry hot blonde chick with big guns. I don't mean boobs (which were dissapointingly small) but automatic pistols with silencers. Ah the next saddest part of the movie. She shoots down a police helecopter with a few shots from her pistols.

I could go on for pages with problems with the movie but I grow tired of this memory. My advice save your money and wait until it is on TBS next year.


An update on the merging problem in this city. It continues. I was turning onto circle from Clancy drive and the woman infront of me couldn't manage the left turn properly and then didn't try to merge until the very end of the merge lane. By this point I had already merged and was trying to give her space when she slammed on the brakes and waited for an opening. People you should start planning your merge at the very START of the merge lane. That would be the begining of the merge lane. You know when you start speeding up be looking for a gap in traffic. Another helpful tip is to be up to traffic speed when you are still on the merge lane. This way you can slide into a gap in traffic instead of being a retard and cutting people off when you are going 60 and they are going 100 or faster. People please try harder.

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Saskboy said...

I enjoyed the movie mostly, but I was expecting it to be a long, unbelievable car ad, and it exceeded that expectation.