Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ozzie cont.

Well life with Ozzie seems to be going quite well. She is very well behaved but she has a few issues. We are trying to get her not to go on the furniture with limited success. She is also a huge spounge. She must have been deprived of attention at her previous home becuase she seems to have trouble living without being attatched to someone or getting petted or playing fetch. I know that her breed is very energetic and stuff, but this dog will play fetch until she is dead. Especially indoors with her little squeek toy, she will play for as long as you can stand to. I've played 30 minutes straight and she was still going. I had to give up. But overall its going great.

My Christmas shopping is coming along quite well. I've got my mom, my grandpa, my uncle and my friend Kerri all done. I've got half of Lindsay's presents and I have the money for the last one now. I'm pretty sure I know what I"m going to get Melissa and I've got to figure out Mark, James and something for Nigel. My only problem, lol, is money. I've gotta try to budget all this stuff. Damnit I need more money. I should go be a welder or something. Atleast it is going to warm up a bit. I wasn't ready for -20 and colder yet.

Yep I should get some sleep. Have a good one.

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