Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We're getting a dog

I just got back from meeting ozzie who is a 5 year old fixed female Australian Cattle Dog. Hmmm... perhaps its Aussie and not Ozzie. O well. We are going to go pick her up on Friday morning. I was very impressed by this dog when I met her. She barked twice and that was it, she is very well tempered. She warmed up to us in 5 or 10 minutes and I was able to pet her belly and ever grab her paws without the dog getting mad. I think thats a very good sign of a dog's attitude. We spent probably close to an hour at their house getting to know the dog and I'm pretty excited about having a dog again. Infact everyone seems excited, my mom is and even my grandparents are. My uncles girlfriend, Kim, is also excited. She is quite the dog person. She has 2 German Sheperd mixes that she does agility with. Needless to say she is quite the dog person. Oh another good thing that happened is we will be able to get a dog house for free. One of the people that my mom works with just moved into a house that came with a doghouse so we will be able to get it for free. She just wants someone to take it away. Free dog and a free dog house. Ah I feel more Scottish. So thats the update, hopefully I'll have some pictures by the weekend.


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