Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday at last!

Its been a hellish week. I just got a raise but it means a lot more work so I've been trying to figure out how to do all of that. I'm taking over some stuff from someone who is quitting so I'm frantically trying to figure out how it all works before she is gone on Wed. Then I had a bit of a virus scare with Kama Sutra... which turned out to be a dud. Everyone was getting paranoid so I had to run interference and try to keep everyone from bashing each others heads in and feasting on the goo inside.

Its probably going to be a slow weekend. I'm trying to save money so I can move out. I figure its about time, I'm 23 and still living at home. Lindsay and I are going to find a place together so we're trying to figure out what we need and what we have already. Atleast the raise should help with rent and such.

Its a sad and disturbing link of the day today


James said...

well It'll be good for you to move out but now that I've tried it why would you want to?

You lose out on having meals prepared for you, groceries bought, clothes cleaned, house cleaned...Gotta tell you that parents really help that out.

But yah moving out is also a nice feeling. You're in your career and now it's time to settle down.

Zack said...

"You lose out on having meals prepared for you, groceries bought, clothes cleaned, house cleaned..."

Isn't that what Lindsay is for?

Thats gonna cost me... if she ever reads this

James said...

Yes it will cost you.

If you want to come on over sometime and I can help you come up with some things that are always nice to have when you move out but you don't think a toaster. (that one was free) Or Toilet bowl cleaner (that one is free too.)

start making your list of what each of you have to take with you and that will really help you out. Jacqui and I did that and it really opened our eyes on what we still needed to buy.

Zack said...

We've started to do that also. I'm sure there will be 100 things that we forgot but they will be small like toilet bowl cleaner. Right now were trying to get together the larger things like a bed. Thats a pretty important piece of furniture *wink wink*

James said...

Just remember that it's all the little things that cost you a bloody fourtune. Think of how much you would like to send on the little extra things you need to live....Say 200 bucks.

...Now double that (400 bucks)

...And add another 50% (600 bucks)

...and now you know how muich you're going to spend on the little things to get you started. It's not halloween but are you scared....

Oh and we don't need to hear that you need a bed for *wink wink, nudge, nudge* LOL. Just be like Milhouse's parents and push the twin beds together.