Monday, February 06, 2006

The little USB key that could

I just discovered how tough these little usb thumb drives really are. My mom tried to kill this one from Dell

It went through the washer and the dryer and it kept my Johnny Cash safe. I'm glad I got it for free. That turned the whole event into a moment of discovery instead of fear and dread. After reading an article in Maximum PC I wasn't too surprised that it survived but I was excited to know that my stolen/free thumbdrive had survived. Floppies are dead!

Everyone knows what circle they belong to


James said...

stolen/free drive? Where can I get one of those? I had to pay for mine.

But yah they are tough. a week after I got mine I dropped it in a snowbank on the side of the driveway. A week after that I was shovelling and I saw it go flying up into the air. A week in the wet and cold and I dryed it off and it worked. A year later it still works great.

I wouldn't buy one in the future unless the cap to cover the USB part stayed attached. I lot the top of mine and I can't find it at all.

Anonymous said...

What circle are you?

Saskboy said...

Good to know they are tough. Still I try to back things up off them as if they were a floppy. They are good for backups too though to a point.
My favourite Key story was of a grad student who lost theirs in a purse theft. Their entire work was only on the key drive. They found where there credit card had first been used, and searched the dumpster and found the purse and key inside.

Zack said...

Yeah the lid is useless. The worst ones have the key ring hole in the lid. Who came up with that? Yay the most important part will fall off but at least the cap is safe.

I'm usually in circle number 2. Just can't get rehydrated. After a good night of drinking, more than a 26, I'm a 3. I've never been higher than a 4. That was after my high school grad and there was puke everywhere.

Most times it isn't the laptop or computer that is important it is the data. Yeah the laptop is worth $1500 but the data is priceless. Thats why good backups are important... but no one does.