Thursday, February 09, 2006

New job duties

So I've begun the newest chapter in my job. I now sell stuff on the internet. The little mini company my boss has set up is called Flogster. I don't really mind doing it as it keeps me busy an it keeps more money in my bank account.

I'm working on a order to The Gambia. According to wikipedia it is number 158 on the country size list. Canada is #2 and the US is #3. The Gambia is 10,380 square kilometres. That may seem like a lot but my province, Saskatchewan, is over 650,000. It is hard to imagine a country that is so small. It is surrounded on 3 sides by one country and has the ocean on the other. I wonder what these people would think if they visited here. It takes 5 hours to drive across Sask at 100km/h. In that time you could probably do 10 laps of their country. OTOH what would I think in a country like that? My friend spends a lot of time in Japan and has a picture taken from the 70th floor of a building and all you can see is buildings all the way to the horizon. His girlfriend was in Saskatchewan and took a picture of the prairie because she couldn't believe that there were no buildings anywhere. Do you know what all this means? It means I have to travel more.


Another article about giving head. I'm sorry thats just the place I'm in.

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Nice one on the new job duties!