Friday, February 10, 2006

So much shopping

So Lindsay and I have begun buying up the whole world in preparation to moving out together. We traveled all over town to buy some dishes. It all started with a Homehardware commercial saying that their corell dishes were on sale. So it turns out that our Homehardware isn't much more than a small town hardware store. Its on Central in Sutherland and it feels like it is stuck in time. They had one set so we kept looking. In a whirlwind shopping trip we went to Homehardware then to Superstore, London Drugs and finally Walmart. Now I'm not a big fan of Walmart, infact I kind of hate the place but they had dishes on sale. I always thought that Walmart didn't have sales but I guess they do when it is a clearance sale. So we got some dishes on a good price but I was ready to die from the shopping.

We were also looking for pots and pans and there is some real crap out there. Superstore had a 4 or 6 piece set for $5. I'm pretty sure if the stainless was any thinner it would have been clear. I dented it with my head by accident. Well I hit my head on purpose but I didn't expect it to dent. I found this one at wal-mart for $150. I'm probably going to buy that one. But there is also another one in the Canadian tire flier for $109.99.

I figured out how I'm going to shop for this stuff. My digital camera. Instead of trying to remember where stuff was or trying to keep it all on a big messy list that will get lost I can just take pictures. I am a little concerned that stores will freak out and boot me out but I figured I would use it for apartment shopping at least. So if anyone hears about a good deal on rent in the north end, sutherland or west side for apartments or basement suites let me know.

Ok. So you made it through another one of my boring posts about life in general and now you want something interesting. Well it may not be interesting but I'm sure you'll be curious about the most disturbing link I've ever put up here. Protect your keyboard from the vomit and click


Anonymous said...

Yo Zack,
We live on the south 2 minutes from where Lindsay works. What's wrong with the south side?

Zack said...

I want to live close to work. My hope is to ride my bike and lose some weight.

Anonymous said...

well our rent isn't so bad.. and the damage deposit is only 399.. I'm sure they have openings...

Anonymous said...

What about 16 ave in calgary man? that's close to owrk for me... Not so cheap, but I can frakin stumble in every day- no fail

Anonymous said...

u s all is messed.. Cheerist. Leave him to his weight loss bikin program!