Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hell has officially frozen over

It finally happened. A Intel chip is driving a mac. I never thought I would actually see it but there is a new apple laptop and iMac that are running intel based chips. They claim the MacBook Pro is 4x faster than the old PowerBook but I wonder what kind of battery life it will have.

By far what I'm most excited about is the new power connector on the MacBook Pro. I must be a computer nerd to be excited about a power connector, right? Well hopefully everyone else will think its a great idea too. Everyone who has ever snagged or had someone trip on the powercord will appreciate this new connector.

I wonder how much longer they will sell machines with PPC processors. I know that I love my iBook but I would really like to see what the intel ones are like. Imagine a laptop running both OSX and Windows. I've heard the new macs can't run windows because they don't have a BIOS but I'm sure that someone will figure it out. Apple has already said they won't stop anyone from trying to install Windows on their mac.

Mac software on a PC would be nice. Apple seems pretty dead set against letting people put OSX on generic hardware. They say they are a hardware vendor not a software one. But if more people were using OSX how would that be a bad thing?

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