Monday, January 30, 2006

Best show on Television

Well maybe the title should be Best car show on tv. I am talking about Top Gear. I recently subscribed to BBC and finally got to watch the show I've heard so much about.

I used to watch a show called 5th gear and my lust for more was started when 5th gear ran a BMW and a Volvo head on at 100 km/h. Nothing else they did was as interesting as that but thankfully someone told me about Top Gear and I haven't looked back.

Top Gear does crazy things with cars. They wanted to see how fast you had to go to beat the radar speed cameras. It turns out you have to do about 170 mph to beat the camera. Hmmm... I think I'd have to do some major upgrades to the Jetta. They've tested how much abuse a Toyota truck can go through and they got a $500 rusty Jaguar to beat Ferrari's with some Nitrous. I wish I could find a clip of the one I watched on Sunday. Jeremy was racing James and Richard to Oslo from Hethrow airport. Jeremy was in a Mercedes SLR and the other two were taking a ferry. That car is simply amazing. It has a top speed of 208 mph and at that speed it will use a whole tank, 21 gallons, in 19 minutes. That would be if you could find somewhere to drive at 208mph for 19 minutes. It seems kind of strange because you would only cover about 66 miles... if my math is right. It doesn't seem like much to beat a ferry right? Well he had to cover more than 1000 miles through 8 countries to do it and the boat basically had a straight shot there. Incedentally the car won but that was because they tried cheating in a speed boat and it broke down. Then the rescue boat broke down. Terrible luck.

Although the best character on the show is The Stig. I'm not sure he is human, but he can drive anything with an engine.

So anyways go over to google video and search for Top Gear. Not all the videos are pure gold but they're mostly pretty good.

Now go waste some time on Google video

Then come back and try to figure out whether they are real or fake. Caution NSFW.


James said...

So on your link of the Day how many did you get right?

Zack said...

17 out of 20. I'm ashamed I can't call myself a boob connoisseur anymore.