Wednesday, January 18, 2006

King Looooong

Wow I went to King Kong last night and my butt passed through sleep and was in a coma. The movie is 187 minutes, thats 3 hours and 7 minutes for the math challenged. It could have easily been 140 minutes if they cut out some of the crap. There was 10 minutes of Kong sliding around on the ice in Central Park. Why?

Warning: There may be some spoilers ahead

Overall it was a pretty good movie. I can't remember the last time I watched the original King Kong but I felt this was more or less what I was expecting. The CGI was spectacular. Pretty much everything seemed to be computer generated and I was having a hard time noticing what things were. Traffic always seems to be wrong. I don't know why they can make a 50ft tall ape but cars are a challenge. Does anyone remember in the second Matrix when Trinity is riding a motorcycle the wrong way through traffic and how fake it all looked. I got the same feeling here when they were smashing up cars in the 30's.

The Cast was good. I thought that Naomi Watts did a great job considering her screen partner was a giant monkey that can't talk. I was really amazed that she could run around the jungle and get tossed around by an ape for an hour and her nighty didn't rip a bit. I didn't know they had kevlar in the 30's but I guess they did because I didn't get to see one nipple. Jack Black on the other hand was totally wrong. He shouldn't do dramatic roles. I'm not saying he did a bad job but he was out of his element. Everytime he did the crazy eyes I expected something outragious to happen but it never did.

I found a number of things bothered me about this movie. It was too long. What was with the dinosaurs? Were those in the original? There is a Dino stampede part that reminded me of the car chase from blues brothers. There was a big dino crash and they kept piling up forever. It was a little rediculous. I'm sure I'm forgetting about something to bitch about.

Anyways its a good movie, if a little long. Go watch it on cheap night or in the cheap theaters.

These people could give the natives on Skull Island a run for their money

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