Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Its been 10 days already?

Well I'm back to work and it is now 2006. Seems like its been a long time since I last posted, but it has only been 10 days. Only 10 days. Seems like not near long enough. I haven't had 10 days off in a row since July of 2004 and now its over. Back at work, back to the routine and already wishing for more time off. The next long weekend isn't until Easter which is April 14th I think. Well enough whining it's time to catch up.

December 24th was the last day of work for us and it was a short day, we were let out at noon. It didn't really make a difference as there was no work being accomplished that day anyways but it was nice to be free. I had to mentally prepare for the night to follow so the extra time was nice. Lindsay's dad was having their whole family over to their house for supper and that was an expreience. There was around 30 people there and the house was boiling. Supper was awesome and we even managed to duck out early. We had to come back to my house because my family was having the traditional Christmas eve late supper and booze. Lindsay, Mark and I did our gift exchange that night because we didn't know when we would all be together again. Mark got some dishes and sharpies, Lindsay got her scanner and I got some board games and a couple movies. It was a good night.

The next day was usual Christmas day. We opened presents at home and then went to Granny's for more presents and food. So much food, we are pretty much eating all day non-stop. I got a rolling tool chest, floor jack and jack stands. Most of my presents were quite large and expensive so it didn't seem like I got much but I was really happy about everything.

I almost achieved my goal of not wearing pants on boxing day. I put on sweat pants so I could go out. I went to Lindsay's house for a bit to put together some furniture and install her scanner. That was all I did that day.

Lindsay and I went to Moosejaw for the 28th and 29th to visit her grandparents. That was pretty good except for the highways. Its not a long trip, 224km, or about 2 hours, but it was really foggy for the trip home. The whole front of the car was covered in ice when we got back. We visited the spa and the casino there. I made $2.50 at the casino. I was pretty impressed. We also went through the tunnels and that was pretty cool. I expected more of a historical tour but it was more like a moving play that you're part of. It was still really good. It is amazing that Al Capone was actually part of Moosejaw's history. I was also interested to find that Al Capone was really only a mobster for 6 years. All this legend and fame for 6 years of work. At the height of it all he was making $100,000,000 per year and this was in the 20's. Thats a lot of money. And for all his crimes and wrong doings he was finally arrested on tax evasion and died of a heart attack due to syphilis shortly after. Weak.

Back to Saskatoon for 5 mins and then we were off to Watrous because Lindsay was the photographer for a wedding there. I don't understand a new years eve wedding but thats what they did. It all took place in the Manitou Springs Resort. What a disappointment. We had one of the better rooms and it sucked. It was a double queen room, which doesn't make sense. Its new years eve, I'm drunk, and she's been at a wedding but atleast with a second bed no one had to sleep in the wet spot. Back to the hotel. This is supposed to be a destination, a fancy hotel that people come from far away to stay at. Cable tv? Nope. Internet? Nope. Fridge in the room? Nope. Overpriced waste of my time restaruant? Yep. Slow as hell elevator? Yep. Better than a Super 8? Nope. I didn't even go in the mineral pool. I was all excited about the salt water and being able to float until I realised that it was basically a large warm bath full of old people. Yeah I'll pass on that one. Atleast the restaraunt was good, right? Not a chance. It took 20 mins to get drinks, food took an hour from when you ordered it. It wasn't busy. There was 10 other people there. A monkey shit fight at the zoo? You bet your ass. Those monkey's could teach these people something about organization. I really shouldn't complain too much. Our room was paid for by the brides dad and I had free booze all night. I didn't really drink too much though. Probably only about 7 or 8 beers. I didn't want to have performance problems later *wink wink*. I hope our neighbors were either late partiers or heavy sleepers.

Back to the city again. I got to try out my new floor jack! It turns out that a grinding noise while brakeing isn't a good thing. On Monday I took a look at Lindsay's brakes and they are down to the backing plates. Its a damn good thing I didn't have to do an emergency stop on the highway. We would have been well planted into the ditch. Her dad is going to throw new pads on this weekend and do the rotors in spring. I don't really get the point of that. If you are doing pads, why not do the rotors at the same time? You're going to have it all apart anyways but whatever. Aslong as it gets done and her car is safe again. We did get great mileage though. I think we made 42mpg (or 47mpg I can't remember which) on our trip to Moosejaw.

Well there goes half my lunch hour but alteast everyone is caught up. Happy 2006.

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