Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Go for gold!

Canada is playing Russia for the Gold in World junior hockey tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it. I don't usually watch hockey but I do like to watch these. Also the USA is playing Finland for Bronze tomorrow too but I'll be at work for that one. I might bring a radio or find an internet radio broadcast of it so I can listen in at work. Incase you are wondering here are the times:

USA vs. Finland - 2pm CST
Canada vs. Russia - 6pm CST

I've always found it odd that you win gold, lose silver and win bronze. Silver has to suck.

And here is a funny random link for you


Zack said...

The loser of the gold metal game gets silver. They might as well get a big 'Thanks for trying'

Zack said...

I found some sites playing the game on internet radio. is playing the bronze metal game has both the games. This is a Vancouver radio station.