Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thank god the election is over

I am so excited to be rid of those damn election commercials that I almost don't care who won. I was trying to watch Desperate Housewives on Sunday and every commercial break had 2 or 3 election commercials. I guess they had to cram everything they could in on the last day. Rediculous.

In case you were in a cave, or American, the Conservatives won a close race and will form a minority government. I voted NDP but they got trounced as usual. Alteast with a minority government they may hold the balance of power.

You in the back

"Whats a minority government?"

Good question, it seems most people don't know for some reason. In a perfect election the winning party get more seats than everyone else combined, they get 50% or more of the votes. When this happens they can do a lot of stuff because they can vote their own ideas through with no other party's help. Lots of stuff gets done but some stupid crap can sneak through. In a minority government the winning party has less than 50% of the total votes and therefore has fewer seats than everyone else combined. To get anything done they need to convince another party, or two, to vote for their idea. Consequently fewer things get accomplished but the crappy ideas have a harder time getting through.

"What does this mean for us?"

Damnit raise your hand when you have a question

This means that the Conservatives will have a hard time pushing through some of their dumber ideas. Like the GST reduction. Every Joe sixpack thinks this is a good idea because stuff will cost less. It may infact be a good idea because it will encourage more spending and that puts more money in the economy. If they had lowered income tax like they should have that would only increase saving by the people. That could work out into more spending, but not right away. Woops went on a bit of a tangent there.

"Why didn't the Conservatives do as good as the news was saying that they would?"

Well ironically they were too radical for some people. They wanted to shake things up and since they had never been in power before, that scared people. Also Ontarians are afraid of them. The Conservatives are from the west, their leader is from Alberta and hopefully they will remind Ottawa that people exist west of Thunderbay and east of Vancouver. The Liberals were doing a good job of keeping the East happy and thats the way Easterners liked it.

"Do you have any political training or any clue about what you are saying?"

Absolutely not. Take all of this with a grain of salt and go look at the CBC's Election coverage

"Do you always talk to yourself and answer your own questions?"

Shhhh.... people are coming. You want me to look crazy?


Ladies, lol like any of you read this, here is a good article you should, nay must read.

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Zack said...

We are literally above your head.

We were kind of screwed when it came to the election. The liberals were very corrupt and the conservatives were slightly less so. They're all politicians but one was the lesser of two evils