Friday, January 13, 2006

I shoulda went back to bed

When I got up this morning I turned on the weathernetwork and I noticed that it was the 13th. Wait a minute that makes it Friday the 13th. Well I'm not a superstitious person but I may have to change my ways.

I didn't sit down at my desk until 11:20am. I get to work at 8.

First problem, our receptionist has a virus on her computer and she can't log in. Awesome. So I work on that for 2 hours and finally get it working. I have no idea what was on there but it was causing the RPC service to kill the computer. It was a dream.

Second problem, one of our sales people can't get outlook to open. Alrighty it seems to be a corrupt pst file. So I run the repair tool and that takes for ever. Part of her problem is that her pst file was ~1.5GB. So now her email is all screwed up.

Problem three. One of the backups is corrupt. You guessed it its the one that would have the most recent copy of her email. YAY! So now I get to try to repair a 30GB backup file.

Pst files have a limit of 2GB and I guess this was just the worlds way of saying clean it out or we will. You may have won the first round Microsoft, but we'll see who wins the war.


Anonymous said...

Outlook always makes me extremely nervous. Fortunately, everyone at work is satisfied with Thunderbird. But with that said, they're all capable of resolving their own techmergencies.

Saskboy said...

Outlook Express strangely hasn't worked me over too badly yet, the most serious email problem was resolved when the mail server was replaced last year.
I had more trouble with Outlook 98 back in the day...