Monday, January 09, 2006

White Rum Sucks

But hey I didn't let that stop me from getting drunk. I did manage to track down some vodka and spiced rum first though. I figured that if I was going to lower myself to drinking white rum I might as well not be able to taste it anymore. We started out playing some card games. We played some kaiser, spades and 99. No one wanted to play strip 99 but oh well it was a sausage party anyways. I can't figure it out, why is the fat hairy guy the only one willing to get naked? I guess if you're at the bottom rung you have nothing to lose. So a 26 and a bit later I was stumbling around outside with an odd group. Myself, Melissa* (Lindsay's sister), John* (Melissa's boyfriends cousin), and Robbie* (Mel's bf's cousin and John's cousin). I told you it was an odd group. But we had the universal bond of all being drunk and off we went. Nothing really exciting happened, nothing was stolen or broken and no one got pregnant, but we did pee on lots of things. Even Mel peed on a garbage can. That was pretty freakin hilarious. We were all doing it why shouldn't she? Besides I had just whizzed on her car tire about 30 mins earlier and I think that she felt left out. A lot of things got mooned too. You guys in the car can thank my friend Mark for you seeing my pimply ass and possibly my tea bag when you ran that red light. I say that because he is the king of mooning. I'm pretty sure everyone that I know has seen his ass, not to mention the entire population of Mount Royal between 1996 and 2000. He will do it sober, just because he is bored, because I dared him or any other reason you can possibly think of. I on the other hand usually have to be drunk before strangers get mooned. So Saturday sucked a bit, but it was worth it. A good drunk is nice once in a while. It sheds off the weight of the world. The only problem is the world is waiting for you the next day with a hangover.

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*yeah I probably butchered your name. If you wanted it spelled right you should wear a name tag

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