Saturday, October 03, 2015

Another weekend project

My wife wanted a new tall shelf for the living room so I suggested we try using two short shelving units and making one large one. I bought some dowel pins and a couple straight brackets and got to work.

I think it turned out OK. I removed the bottom shelf and kick plate off the top unit to avoid having a weird double shelf but the downside is now the backing is not long enough. I'm going to leave it for now because we can use it as a cord pass through for a couple things that'll be on that shelf. I've still got to sand it and paint it as well. That's a tomorrow project.

Sunday I got some more work done on it. I picked up some wood glue so I could glue all the dowels in and started painting.

The temperature was at the minimum for the paint I was using so I hope it turns out ok.

Monday night I washed carrots and got some more paint put on.
I'm not sure what the blue glow is. Perhaps it's Cherenkov radiation.

Some fancy hi-tech lighting system I put up
I realized I didn't paint the removable shelves so I have to go buy more paint, d'oh!

Picked up some paint at lunch today and got the shelves painted tonight.

A disaster though. Put a final coat on the main chassis and had some paint buckling. I must have got it on a bit too heavy and the solvents in the fresh paint screwed up the base.

I'll let it dry and sand it a bit. It had to be on the front left corner, the one that is going to be most prominent when they are in the house.

It's now 10 days after I started this project and it's finally in the house and looks pretty good. I fixed the wrinkled paint by sanding it down and cleaning the area with denatured alcohol. One of the upsides is I gained an extra shelf because I took the bottom out of the top unit when I stacked them.

I think it looks pretty good. After 4 cans of paint I don't know if this ended up being cheaper than buying a new taller shelving unit but at least this way we didn't have to throw these ones in the landfill. That's got to count for something.

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